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The best board games going cheap on Prime Big Deal Day

Now’s the perfect time to pick up Catan, Pandemic, and Ticket to Ride, as Amazon Prime offers plenty of big discounts on the best board games.

Catan, one of the best board games in the Prime Big Deal Day offer

It’s Prime Big Deal Day on Amazon, and many of the best board games are on sale for Prime members with hefty discounts. Plenty of the tabletop gaming hobby’s most iconic titles are included, with some as much as 50% cheaper than usual. Bargain hunters should hurry, though, as Prime Big Deal Day is only in swing on October 10 and 11.

To save you time, we’ve gathered the best Prime Big Deal offers for board game lovers. All of these titles are found in our best board games guide. They’re all perfect gateway games for new tabletop fans, and they’re appropriate family board games as well as excellent board games for adults.

Pandemic, one of the best board games in the Prime Big Deal Day offers


Pandemic is a co-op board game where a team of top scientists work to prevent global outbreaks of disease. Two to four players go on a globe-hopping adventure where they’ll treat infected cities, build research stations, and do all they can to discover a cure for each virus that arises.

Pandemic is a great strategy board game for newcomers and veterans alike. There’s enough resource management and unique abilities to keep your brain whirring, but the game remains quick and easy to pick up and play. A must-have for many board gamers, you can nab Pandemic for 49% off on Prime Big Deal Day.

Catan, one of the best board games in the Prime Big Deal Day offers

Settlers of Catan

Settlers of Catan (or Catan) is one of the classic board games that shaped the hobby as we know it today. Despite its age, Catan is well worth playing – especially if you can pick it up for cheap.

In Catan, players compete for control of an island by building roads, cities, and settlements. You’ll have a collection of semi-random resources at your disposal, but you’ll need to barter with your opponents to construct a truly impressive empire. Catan combines luck and strategy to create a game that’s approachable, dynamic, and great value for money with a 48% discount.

Ticket to Ride, one of the best board games in the Prime Big Deal Day offers

Ticket to Ride

Ticket to Ride tasks you with plotting railway routes across a particular country. Everyone at the table wants to travel to different destinations, but some are more valuable than others, and many routes cross over. It’s a delightful balance of careful management of your own turns and cards – and devious, passive-aggressive planning where you thwart your friends with a well-placed train carriage.

Ticket to Ride is the most beloved of all train board games, and for good reason. Its rules are simple without feeling stale, and it’s more than affordable with a 51% discount on Prime Deal Day.

Carcassonne, one of the best board games in the Prime Big Deal Day offers


Another game that encourages you to playfully screw over your friends is Carcassonne. This is a tile game where you’ll lay random squares to create an expanding landscape. You’ll score big for completing roads and cities, but other players may be looking to muscle in on your work, stealing points or outdoing your efforts.

It can be cutthroat, but Carcassonne is never overly complex. This is a fantastic beginner game that we, even with all our years of experience, still enjoy playing. Don’t believe us? Check out our Carcassonne review. That – and a discount of 27% – might convince you to give this game a try.

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