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Get real calls from Ghostface in the new Scream board game

Scream: The Game is a board game announced by Funko - who also announced a companion app featuring Ghostface voice actor Roger L. Jackson.

Scream board game voice actor - Funko image of Ghost Face's caller ID on a phone

After a successful return to cinemas, the Scream franchise is getting its own Scream board game. Simply titled Scream: The Game, this tabletop game will be accompanied by a free companion app – featuring the voice of original Ghostface voice actor Roger L. Jackson. In a press release from April 20, publisher Funko says we can expect the game to hit shelves in June 2023.

While you can’t watch Scream 6 until you’re 18, Scream: The Game will apparently be suitable for players aged 13 or over. We never know the identity of a Ghostface killer when the movie starts, and similarly, we know very little about how this game plays. A social deduction game seems like the perfect choice for this whodunnit horror, but the board game type is yet to be revealed.

Scream board game voice actor - Funko photo of Scream: The Game components

The press release has this to say: “The brutal killer Ghost Face is back in Woodsboro, and you’ll have to combine wits to stay alive!” “As the clock ticks down, help each other escape the murderer…but watch out! If Ghost Face calls you, you are his next target!” So we at least know this is a co-op board game.

What we also know is Scream: The Game will be available for $19.99 (£16.06) once it releases. Considering it’s a pretty cheap board game, we can likely expect a small-ish party board game rather than a sprawling strategy board game. Scream may be one of the best horror movies of all time, but can this adaptation top the best board games (or least the best horror board games) list too? Answers in a voicemail, please.