Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective mystery game now 37% off

The popular Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective - Carlton House & Queen's Park board game is now available at a 37% discount if you buy it from Amazon

Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective board game images spliced together, the image on the left shows an image from the back of the box, which shows documents from the game, the image on the right shows artwork from the front of the box, included magnifying glasses and other tools laid upon an indistinct photograph.

Sherlock Holmes’ deductive reasoning skills have made him a literary icon, and if you’ve always wanted to step into the shoes of the famous detective, now’s your chance. The mystery board game, Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective – Carlton House & Queen’s Park, is now 37% off on Amazon.

This is the second Sherlock Holmes board game created by Space Cowboys, but whether you’ve played the first or not, the game provides a standalone experience that encompasses ten unique mysteries to solve. Each mystery takes approximately an hour and a half to complete and can be played through on your own, or with up to seven friends.

Play the game by first choosing which scenario to solve. Once you have the basic information, you move around a map of London in order to find more clues, and receive a ‘daily’ newspaper which might shed further light onto the proceedings. You’ll even use items like a little magnifying glass to take a closer look at certain clues and uncover facts which were previously hidden.

If you’re someone who loves Sherlock Holmes, or even just someone who just loves a good story-driven game that makes you think, you should definitely give this one a go. Especially while it’s available at a discount, although UK readers will only save 22% rather than the 37% available to readers in the US.

We don’t know exactly how long Amazon is going to keep this offer in place though, so if you are planning on buying it, don’t wait too long. .

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