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Spacefaring skirmisher Star Wars: Armada is now 44% off

Fantasy Flight's amazing miniatures game, Star Wars: Armada, is now just $43.96 on Amazon.

A Star Destroyer from the cover of Star Wars Armada.

Star Wars has always been renowned for its epic starship battles. It was only a matter of time before esteemed board game publisher Fantasy Flight turned that concept into an addictive tabletop game. Thus, in 2015, Star Wars: Armada was born. Easily one of the best Star Wars board games, this miniatures strategy game is incredibly popular among those who like their battles epic and their spaceships tiny. If you’re keen to grab yourself a copy of the core set, or are looking to buy a Star Wars gift for a friend or family member, the good news is that you can now grab Star Wars: Armada at 44% off on Amazon, bringing the price down to just $43.96.

For those who haven’t had the pleasure of playing Star Wars: Armada, allow us to take you for a ride. This is a game of tactics two players. It gives you control of either the Imperial Fleet or the Rebel Alliance, as their space-born troops do battle and decide the fate of the system. Will they forever tremble under the fist of Darth Vader? Or will the Rebels triumph in an eerie reenactment of Episode VI?

You play the game using a collection of beautifully crafted Star Wars miniatures. From Star Destroyers to X-Wings and TIE Fighters, you’ll find many of the starships that you recognise from the big screen, rendered in incredibly intricate detail. The game can be played with various objectives and each of the starships in play can be upgraded in different ways, meaning each battle will be different to the last. If you find you’ve got a fiending for a ship that’s not included in this core box set, there are also tons of expansions that you can buy separately, including destroyers, frigates, transports, and squadrons to bolster your ranks.

As winter marches on and we find ourselves slicing open nearby Tauntauns in an effort to stay warm (No, just us?), it’s nice to have a choice of indoor activities that you can enjoy without having to venture out into the Hoth-like wastelands. Star Wars: Armada could be an ideal choice of game to fill those long, cold nights.

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If you do want to buy Star Wars: Armada while it’s on offer, we recommend that you act swiftly. It is unclear exactly how long Amazon is going to offer it at this lower price, so it makes sense not to risk waiting too long and missing out on the bargain.