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New U-Boot edition boasts “largest board game mini ever”

The collector’s edition of U-Boot: The Board Game features a mighty 90cm miniature to complement the submarine strategy tabletop game.

U-Boot board game boat mini next to three Subway sandwiches

We’re not gonna need a bigger boat – The U-Boot board game already has us covered. Publisher Phalanx is currently crowdfunding a collector’s edition on Kickstarter, and one of the major new features is “possibly the largest miniature ever created for a board game”. The 90cm plastic German VIIC U-boat is roughly the same size as three foot-long sandwiches from Subway.

U-Boot is a co-op board game that’s played in real-time. It’s a WW2 board game where up to four players (plus a companion app) must work together to survive an intense session of submarine warfare.

The original U-Boot was released in 2019, and crowdfunding for the collector’s edition ends on November 3. As well as the mighty mini (which won’t be available to buy at retail), the collector’s edition features a mission builder which allows players to design their own missions to play.

It’s clear the mini is the main event here, and the stretch goals further reflect this. Phalanx has already raised enough money to add magnets, and the next stretch goal will add moving propellers and rudders.

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The base pledge costs $83.84 (£69), but it only includes the collector’s edition of the board game. You can pledge to get the $120.29 (£99) miniature separately, or you can choose the $182.26 (£150) pledge that includes both boat and board game. The $241.80 (£199) pledge also includes a Neoprene playing mat and resin upgrades pack.

U-Boot’s collector’s edition is expected to reach backers by February 2024. You can learn more about the board game on its Kickstarter page.

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