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Day one Victoria 3 mods add anime and Cthulhu, delete Belgium

Victoria 3 mods get weird and wonderful just one day after Paradox Interactive released the grand strategy videogame - expect to export anime bodypillows

Victoria 3 mods - key art from Paradox Interactive showing two Victorians with arms around each others shoulders

Grand strategy videogame Victoria 3 has only been out one day, and players on Steam have already released a range of weird and wacky mods. While the core game focuses on the economic and political intricacies of 19th-century society, its players are clearly more concerned with Cthulhu, anime body pillows, and turning Prussia yellow.

Of the more unusual mods available, Steam user Captain Nemo seems to have made the most detailed one so far. ‘Necronomicon’ brings eldritch horrors to life with new cultures, nations, buildings, technology, and events. If you want to see ‘Cult of Cthulhu’ become a state religion, this is the way to do it.

Victoria 3 mods - Rlyeh flag from Captain Nemo's 'Necronomicon' mod

Patosav’s Anime Mod adds anime loading screens to Victoria 3, and it turns bodypillows and T-dolls (Tactical dolls, for anyone unfamiliar with the mobile game Girls’ Frontline) into in-game goods. That’s all the mod does for now, but the creator says future updates are likely. This looks like one for fans of the Hetalia manga or the Panzermadels dating sim.

Other, smaller mods have also gotten creative with their source material. Some mods make small changes that rewrite real-life history – by making the English county of Cornwall an independent country, for example, or deleting Belgium entirely. There are also several mods dedicated to making Prussia yellow on Victoria 3 maps. The move has been met with delight and ire in the player base.

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