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AI creates Warhammer 40k minis, and they’re all pure Chaos

A Warhammer 40k fan prompted an Artificial Intelligence to create its own Chaos Space Marine minis, and the results are suitably grim

Warhammer 40k AI minis - Chaos Space Marine Nurgle Demon prince mini

Warhammer 40k fan Adam Groszkiewicz has collaborated with an Artificial Intelligence software to create a new set of Chaos Space Marine minis. Groszkiewicz (42, from California) began sharing his most successful creations on Facebook on September 6. The first minis posted are all worshippers of Nurgle, and the technology has blessed (or cursed) them with slimy toxic waste faces.

“I think that AI can play a role in generating images that fit neatly into the ‘grimdark’ aesthetic of the Warhammer IP”, Groszkiewicz tells Wargamer. “On a personal level, I find the AI results thought-provoking in regards to my own kitbashing & converting.”

Groszkiewicz entered prompts into Nightcafe Stable AI to generate the images. He tells Facebook anyone can create similar images by following a “simple four-step process”. “One: Generate base images using prompt, then select one; Two: ‘Evolve’ image using a specific filter from the list; Three: Repeat step two, making sure to use the same filter each time; Four: Select the good results from your batch, and trash the rest.”

“These are second-generation iterations on a base image”, Groszkiewicz tells Facebook. “Once I figured out how to get stylistically consistent results, I spent a while attempting to get it to make miniatures. Finally, I added the word Nurgle as part of the text prompts.” “Without the base image, the prompt is a bit useless”, he adds. “That was interesting to learn.”

“I wanted to see what would be generated organically rather than starting with a specific end result in mind”, he tells Wargamer. “I did not have a specific goal – I was interested in seeing the creative output of an algorithm.”

Groszkiewicz makes it clear he isn’t claiming full credit for the results produced by the AI software. “I do not consider this ‘my art’, though I do feel a sense of pride in the creative output of the AI”, he tells Wargamer. “It’s fascinating to see what results these algorithms create with a little input from a human.”

Groszkiewicz shared three images of Nurgle Chaos Space Marines online, but these were not the only results of his AI experiments. He tells Facebook the Nurgle minis were the best of a batch of 15. These attempts included Khorne and Slaanesh text prompts, too, but Groszkiewicz says (and shows with a few example images) “the quality wasn’t good”.

Interestingly, the AI was able to pick up on a few details consistently. “The algorithm clearly understands red equals Khorne and purple equals Slaanesh”, Groszkiewicz tells Facebook. “It also clearly understands that Space Marines have big shoulders.”

Since posting his first images, Groszkiewicz has continued his experiments, posting AI-generated art of Chaos-corrupted Grey Wolves on September 10.

Find the original Nurgle Space Marines in Groszkiewicz’s original Facebook post.

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