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Warhammer 40k errata hits Space Marine Inceptors with nerf

Warhammer 40k Space Marines see a nerf to their Inceptors, as a surprise Games Workshop errata adds +10 points for every Plasma Exterminator they wield

Dual-wielding Space Marines Inceptors have seen a significant nerf in a recent Warhammer 40k errata by Games Workshop. An update via Warhammer Community on January 25 has announced that Inceptors with paired Plasma Exterminators now cost an extra 20 points, ten for each plasma weapon.

“We’ve spotted a slight points error on the latest Munitorum Field Manual”, says GW. “It seems Space Marine Inceptors were running around with a pair of free Plasma Exterminators – which is a little unfair to their assault Bolter-wielding battle brothers.” “Rather than wait three months for the next quarterly update, we thought we’d better make a quick change now”, GW adds. “It’s +10 points each. Still deadly, but you have to pay for it.”

Warhammer 40k Space Marines Inceptors points errata from Warhammer Community

The last version of the Munitorum Field Manual dropped on January 5, and this latest errata is included in a fresh version released by Warhammer Community on Wednesday. Inceptors still cost their standard 40 points; they’ve just got a ten-point Plasma Exterminator tax attached that makes them feel like less of a bargain. Perhaps other Warhammer 40k factions will relish this minor misery for the Space Marines – or for anyone who bulk-bought Inceptors in the last week.