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First Age of Sigmar Lumineth battletome rules spotted

The Warhammer Age of Sigmar Lumineth Realm-lords battletome is coming, and Games Workshop shares new rules snippets for the Aelf units

Warhammer Age of Sigmar Lumineth Realm-lords battletome rules revealed - Games Workshop art of a Lumineth

The Lumineth Realm-lords battletome is officially on the way, according to a reveal by Warhammer Age of Sigmar publisher Games Workshop on September 14. After seeing plenty of Lumineth minis in August’s Arcane Cataclysm battlebox, we now get a glimpse of the new rules for the precise Aelven attackers.

The first rules change the new battletome will introduce is an update to the Phoenix Stone, an artefact long-known for its healing abilities. Friendly Heroes who die within 12 inches of the Phoenix Stone’s bearer can cheat death – as long as the dice are on your side.

Once per battle, if a wound would kill a Lumineth Realm-lords Hero that’s within range of the Phoenix Stone, you get to roll a dice. Rolling three or above cancels out the wound, and you can heal up to d3 wounds on that hero. Any wounds that still need to be allocated to the hero are also negated.

Warhammer Age of Sigmar Lumineth Realm-lords battletome rules revealed - Games Workshop Phoenix Stone rules

The previous rules for the Phoenix Stone required you to roll a six to save your Heroes, so the artefact has a better chance of success than ever before. However, you can’t always heal every wound with these new rules – be careful out there on the battlefield.

GW says Alarith Stoneguards and Alarith Stonemages are also getting some new rules. The Fortitude of the Earth ability gives Stoneguards a ward of four plus against mortal wounds when it contests an objective you control. Meanwhile, the Molten Talisman artefact means Stonemages can add one to melee wound rolls for friendly Alarith units within 12 inches of the bearer. This only activates if the bearer didn’t charge in the same turn, though.


Finally, The Warhammer Community post shows off the Hurakan Windchargers ability Windcharger Arrows. The ability now skips over ward rolls rather than cover, stopping enemies from making ward rolls for wounds and mortal wounds caused by your unit’s missile weapon attacks.

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