Build a great civilisation in 7 Wonders, now 30% off

The popular family strategy board game, 7 Wonders, is now 30% off on Amazon, bringing the price down to just $41.99 and saving you $18.

A statue of a man stands tall in a mismash of various ancient civilisations, from the box of 7 Wonders.

As strategy games go, 7 Wonders is easily one of the best of the bunch. It’s a thrilling game that puts you in the shoes of the leader of one of the seven greatest cities in the ancient world – you build this civilization as you please but, of course, there are clashes with the other seven leaders and that’s where the fun starts. If that sounds like a tantalising premise to you, you’ll be pleased to hear that you can now grab this classic board game at 30% off on Amazon.

We actually included 7 Wonders in our article on the best family board games, which is a testament to its quality, considering the amount of competition out there. It’s a game that lasts approximately half an hour and which can be enjoyed by up to seven people over the age of ten, but if you’re somebody who likes nuance and depth, don’t let the fact that it’s a shorter game put you off. 7 Wonders lets you build your civilisation in whichever way best suits you, whether that’s strengthening your military, developing commercial routes, gathering resources, or something else.

Everybody will approach the game differently, which makes 7 Wonders highly replayable. As you play, the game passes through three different ‘ages’ during which time cards are drawn, which present you with different opportunities to develop your civilisation, some of them present you with a chance to build scientific structures, some let you develop guilds, and all of them give you the chance to carve a different path to victory.

At the end of the game, points are given out based on a number of different factors – have you been able to build certain structures? Have you won lots of military battles? Every aspect of what makes a ‘successful’ civilisation is considered, rewarding you, no matter how you prefer to play. It’s fun to experiment and work towards different goals each time you play.

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We don’t know exactly how long Amazon is going to keep this 30% discount in place, so if you want to add 7 Wonders to your collection while it’s on offer, it’d be best to order it soon. If you want to read more about 7 Wonders, read our 7 Wonders: Architects review, this is a spin-off of the original that offers a whole take on the formula.