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Grab the delicious Sushi Go! card game at 55% off for Prime Day

Sushi Go! Is among many of the best Amazon Prime Day card game deals this year

Closeup of the box art for the Sushi Go! card game

Card games don’t need to be serious, hard-nosed, or combative to earn our seal of approval. Sushi Go!, for example, is a simple, small, perfectly formed game, with pitch-perfect, slick gameplay and simply delightful visuals, that’s absolutely ideal for teaching new tabletop gamers the mechanics of drafting.

Acting as diners in a Sushi restaurant, you’ll pass round hands of cards, and pick out a delectable piece of sushi for yourself each time. You’re each looking to complete sets for precious points, without your opponents cottoning on to which varieties you’re collecting, lest they stymie you by nicking all the tuna. It’s a powerful competitive mechanic that’s core to countless bigger, heavier card and board games – but in Sushi Go!, there’s none of that stress and bother – it’s all about picking, passing, and enjoying the colourful kawaii foodstuffs. Yum!

As your luck would have it, too, this fun-packed, fishy little package is currently available at a whopping 55% off for the rest of Amazon Prime Day (that is, Tuesday, June 22).

Remember, though: you won’t be able to take advantage of the discount unless you’re an Amazon Prime member – so if you’re not on Prime currently, grab yourself a free trial so you can pick up this cracking deal.


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