The best Amazon Prime Day board game deals 2021

Consumerist treats of all kinds are discounted in Amazon Prime Day - we'll collect the biggest and best board game deals

Photo of Gloomhaven board game's map, cards and coins

The boom in ‘designer’ board games has been a marvellous boon for this tabletop gaming world of ours. The expanding market has spawned innovative, beautiful, tactile tabletop games covering every theme you can think of, from history, to strategy, to social deception, and, of course, war board games. Such boxed beauties can, however, be taxing on the wallet – so when Amazon’s yearly discount disco comes around, we like to take the opportunity to bring you the best Prime Day board game deals.

The big day has now passed us by, but we’ll be pulling together another guide when Prime Day 2022 opens shop. You’ll be sure to see some stonking board game deals, just waiting to be snapped up. After all, in our experience, impulse buying awesome board games is not necessarily a one-off sort of a deal. And we’ve got the stuffed shelves and shame piles to prove it.

One reminder: you won’t be able to nab those Prime Day lovelies unless you’re an Amazon Prime member, so if you’re not yet in the club, you can start a free trial right now, before the event.

When is Prime Day 2022?

Amazon hasn’t announced the date of Prime Day 2022 yet, but we’ll update you as soon as we know.

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Best Board Game Deals
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