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Assassin’s Creed Valhalla’s addictive dice game Orlog finally hits the shelves

You can now add this addictive Viking dice game to your collection.

A boxed Orlog dice game laid out majestically.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla has been a really successful game. Now, we’re not saying that success was all down to its enormously popular dice-rolling minigame, Orlog, but it was no doubt a factor in the game’s very warm reception – and now you can get your own tabletop version of this excellent two-player game.

The aim of Orlogitself is easy, but as with all such games of chance, you’re reliant on the favours of Lady Luck for victory. Each player has five dice, which are used to attack, defend, and gain tokens. You both roll the dice three times, selecting your actions from the results of each role to either deflect your opponents’ attacks or inflict damage with your big theoretical Viking axe.

The next step is to decide if you want to spend your tokens on any special moves which invoke the wrath of the gods. You can use these whenever you want to, or you can save up and buy them strategically, going at your opponent with a huge offensive once they’re at a weaker point. Once this has been decided, health points are then deducted as appropriate and you continue until one of you is defeated.

At its heart, it’s a very simple game and, in fact, it was made to resemble the kind of thing that ancient Norse voyagers might actually have played. Nonetheless, experienced gamers shouldn’t turn up their nose to it, because this simple formula provides hidden depths. Orlog is a game that allows you to develop your own strategy and, as players of the digital version will attest, there’s a lot of nuance in the ways it can be played.

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So whether you’re a die-hard Assassin’s Creed fan who’s delighted to finally get the chance to finally add Orlog to their collection, or a tabletop gamer who’s looking for a new game to try, the release of this game should come as very welcome news.

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