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Award-winning tile game Azul is 60% off this Black Friday

The popular tile board game, Azul, is down to just $15.99 in Amazon's Black Friday sale.

Someone placed a coloured tile on the board in a game of Azul. There is a Black Friday flag at the top left of the frame.

Many of the best board and tabletop games tell deeply compelling and engaging stories, or build vast, complex worlds that create a fully immersive experience. Sure, that can be amazing, but sometimes you want something a little less involved.

Azul is a board game based on a simple tile placement premise, but scratch under the surface and you’ll find a game full of hidden nuances and a great deal of strategy. Since its release in 2017, Azul has been met with a lot of well-deserved praise and, if you want to add this iconic game to your collection, it’s 60% off in Amazon’s Black Friday sale right now, bringing the price down to just $15.99.

In Azul, two to four players take turns placing different coloured tiles onto a gameboard. Everyone has their own colour, and the goal is to score points by making complete rows, columns and pretty patterns. Of course, while you focus on building the ideal pattern, your rivals might place their tiles to deliberately obstruct your work; Azul is an endlessly enjoyable exercise of finding new and fiendish ways to advance your own creations, while stymying those of your opponents.

Better still, it’s a game that anyone (above the age of eight) can play, and that’s part of the reason it’s been so successful. The well-worn phrase ‘easy to learn, tough to master’ actually applies very well for Azul; within minutes, you’ll fall in love with the aesthetic and generally get into the swing of things – but it’s only after a few games that you’ll start to soak up the more advanced techniques. We consider it one of the best tile board games and warmly recommend it.

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This’d make a welcome addition to your tabletop collection, or a fantastic Christmas present a board game-loving friend who hasn’t yet got it on the shelf. Plus, if you have the whole family together over the holiday season, Azul makes for ideal festive entertainment, as even casual board game players can appreciate it.

If you’re interested in grabbing Azul while it’s on offer, we advise that you act quickly: as with all Black Friday deals, the 60% discount won’t be around for long. Check out our Black Friday board game deals guide for this offer and many others just like it.