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Tile away the miles with Azul board game’s mini edition

An adorably small Azul has been announced - Azul Mini is a petite travel version of the tile board game from Next Move and Plan B Games

Azul Mini board and tiles

A miniature travel version of the board game Azul has been announced by publisher Plan B Games. Azul Mini is not a pocket sized edition of the classic tile-laying board game – but it does fit into a bag, according to Plan B’s Facebook announcement made Tuesday, which suggests you take it on your next vacation.

Aside from a plastic inlay on the boards, to keep the tiles fixed firmly in place on skewiff surfaces, Azul Mini is the tile board game we all know – just a clone of the base box, but a little bit smaller! Azul Mini is slated for release “around late Spring 2023”, but no price has been revealed yet. The announcement does come with a size comparison, however, so you can see how the new version stacks up against the old. It’s not microscopic, just a li’l bit li’l.

Azul mini graphic showing the box and a size comparison with the base game

Designed by Michael Kiesling, Azul, Portuguese for ‘blue’, first came out in 2018. Themed around decorating a palace with colourful tiles, Azul disguises a viciously competitive drafting game behind an unassuming exterior. Proving extremely popular with boardgamers everywhere, Azul has given rise to four sequels, including Azul: Queen’s Garden, which came out in 2022.

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