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Check out these killer Batman The Animated Series miniatures

Knight Models has launched a collection of new minis styled after the classic 90s Batman cartoon, with more heroes and villains to follow.

Batman The Animated series miniatures - Batman, a square-shouldered, square jawed man in a grey suit with a black cape and yellow utility belt, wearing a black face mask over his eyes

For nerds of a certain vintage, there has never been a better portrayal of the caped crusader than in Batman, The Animated Series, a 90s cartoon series that kickstarted a whole era of DC animations. The iconic art style from that animation is now coming to the Batman Miniature Game, with the first wave of new figures already released by Knight Models.

The first set of Batman, The Animated Series (BTAS) miniatures contains Batman, Batgirl, Green Arrow, Catwoman, Harley Quinn, and Black Canary. They faithfully translate the cartoon’s simplified costumes and exaggerated silhouettes, originally designed by BTAS co-creator Eric Radomski, into three dimensions.

Batman The Animated series miniatures - Harley Quinn, an athletic woman in a black and red domino costume with a two-horned jesters cap, holding a pistol

If you’re a younger DC comics and Batman comics fan who wasn’t around in the ‘90s, you owe it to yourself to go back and check out BTAS. Radomski and series co-creator Bruce Timms’ vision of Gotham was anachronistic, iterating on the neo noir design sensibilities of Tim Burton’s Batman films to create a stylish world that existed outside of time – which means the series doesn’t feel out of date today.

Batman The Animated series miniatures - Black Canary, a blonde woman wearing a black bodice and small leather jacket

The voice cast was peerless: this was Kevin Conroy’s first outing as Batman, Mark Hamill made his debut as the Joker here, and Ron Perlman growled it up as Clayface. The series also added lots of features to the Batman lore most people take for granted: Harley Quinn first appeared in BTAS, as did the idea that Mr Freeze is a tragic anti-hero, not just a deranged and chilly scientist.

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The new miniatures from Knight Models can be used in the Batman Miniature Game, which is already packed with different Bat-variants: Frank Miller’s Dark Knight Returns, classic TV series Batman, Batman Year One

The Batman Miniature Game is a skirmish scale miniature wargame themed around… well, you can guess what it’s themed around. One of its most distinctive features is that the game takes place entirely at night, with visibility extremely limited, except to characters illuminated by street lamps and other sources of light. Obviously, Bats doesn’t have any trouble seeing in the dark…

Batman The Animated series miniatures - Catwoman, an athletic woman in a grey catsuit, with a mask over the top of her face

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