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Get one of the all time best 4X games free from Thursday

Amplitude Studio is giving out free copies of Endless Legend, its weird fantasy 4x game, as part of its annual community celebration ‘Amplified’.

4x Game Endless Legend will be free for two days - A four-armed figure in a hooded cloak, standing against a sunrise

Amplitude Studio is offering free Steam keys for its fantasy 4x game Endless Legend – but only while stocks last, and only on January 18 and 19. The freebies are being given out as part of the annual ‘Amplified’ community festival, celebrating the studio’s 13th anniversary; there will also be streams, cross-platform discounts on Amplitude’s games, and new, free updates to its other games.

Endless Legend is a fantastic 4x game, with a long-held position on our list of the best in the genre. Though it’s a fantasy game, it’s part of the wider ‘Endless’ sci-fi setting, and there are compelling, RPG-like narratives to follow for each faction. PCGamesN’s Endless Legend review gave it a healthy 9/10; and Mandalore Gaming’s excellent video gives a great overview:

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Released in 2014, it pushed the envelope for how asymmetrical different factions can be. This isn’t just a few unique units or a preference for certain types of technology: factions start with radically different capabilities, and are practically playing different games. The undead Broken Lords don’t need food, for example, while the Roving Clans can pack up their cities and trundle off elsewhere on the map.

Keys for Endless Legend will be available from 7am PT / 10am EST / 3pm GMT on January 18. To get one, you’ll need to log into Amplitude Games2Gether, visit the rewards page, and link your Steam account.

January 18 also sees the release of the free Wild Cards update for the roguelike dungeon crawler Endless Dungeon. This tinkers with progression, granting players both a useful buff and a troublesome debuff each time they enter a new district. There’s also four new variant monsters, and cosmetics created in collaboration with online content creators.

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That coincides with the PC release of the Japanese language pack for Endless Legend which, we have to say, slaps. While a boon for Japanese players, it’s available for everyone. Console players already have access to it.

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