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Forgotten board game crowdfunder finally arrives, 9 years late

Fans may have thought this old board game Kickstarter was doomed to never seen the light of day but, nearly a decade later, it's finally being completed.

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A board game project on crowdfunding platform Kickstarter that was expected almost a decade ago is finally reaching its backers. Some fans might have given up on getting the remaining content for Myth: Journeyman, given that the original release estimate was June 2015. But, finally, under a new owner, it appears the remaining items are arriving.

Myth is a dungeon crawler co-op board game that originally came out in 2014. However, when it came to creating expansions for the game, it appears the creators, Mercs Miniatures, ran into difficulties. Unable to send all the content – particularly when it came to minis – to all the backers, the creators eventually arranged to sell the Myth IP to Ulisses Spiele.

Purchasing the franchise in late 2018, Ulisses then planned to fulfill the Kickstarter, and then make more Myth games in the future.

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Six years later, it seems the company is finally making good on its promise. According to the latest Kickstarter update, on May 28, 2024, US shipping started that week. We spotted this unboxing video by Ithaquas Bane, unpacking the contents of their surprise delivery.

We’ve seen a fair few crowdfunder horror stories over the years. For instance, CMON recently took on two of Mythic Games projects, Anastyr and HEL: The Last Saga, after that creator ran into trouble attempting to complete five Kickstarter board games at once.

It’s nice to see one have a relatively happy ending therefore, though obviously the Myth backers were probably hoping to receive their board game content a little sooner.

Next, it appears that Ulisses is working on its own new expansion. Myth: Orphans of Ovenstein was announced in January this year, and the publisher expects to create a crowdfunder in 2024.

We imagine fans will be wary, so how that Kickstarter fares is going to depend heavily on how much goodwill Ulisses has built up by taking on and delivery the previous foundering project.

As the company wrote back in 2018(!) “If Ulisses’ investing and supporting the Myth franchise is wise or foolish is really determined by you, the fans. Our gamble is that if we earn your respect, we may earn your business in the future for more Myth goodness.”

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