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Noble Knight board game store agrees to recognise worker’s union

In a surprise twist, the board game store Noble Knight Games has voluntarily recognised it's workers' union - after previously saying it would not

Noble Knight Games Union logo on a banner that describes how they've been voluntarily recognised.

The Madison, Wisconsin board game store Noble Knight Games has agreed to voluntarily recognise its workers’ union. According to the Noble Knight Games United Twitter account, company leadership informed the organisers of its decision on Thursday morning, just one week before a secret ballot vote was set to take place.

“After careful discussion and feedback from the workers, Noble Knight Games has made the decision to recognize our union,” the group tweeted on December 1. “They’ve expressed to us their intent to be reasonable and to bargain in good faith.”

This appears to be a complete reversal of the company’s prior position. Back in early November, Noble Knight Games released a statement in writing, which said that it chose not to recognise the union. NKGU also alleged last month that workers were being asked to attend “captive audience meetings” which discouraged unionisation.

Noble Knight Games board game store union tweet about successful voluntary recognition.

However, the group, which has been organising with the Communication Workers of America, previously said 70% of the workforce had signed support cards in favour of unionisation.

In light of leadership’s change of heart, NKGU says it is “ecstatic” and has put out a call for customers to shower the store’s official social media accounts with praise and support.

“We want NKG to thrive. We’re honoured and grateful to serve such a supportive community in Madison, the US, and around the world,” the group says. “We appreciate everything you have done and hope you’ll continue to support us as we enter the bargaining phase!”

Wargamer has reached out to both NKG and NKGU for comment.