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‘Blurdle’ is Wordle for board games

A computer programmer has designed a board game version of Wordle, where you have to guess the game from a blurry as heck version of its box art

board games - the front cover of the Carcassonne box

Fancy yourself a board game brainiac? A cardboard connoisseur? The master of meeples? You can now test that extremely useful knowledge using Wordle variant Blurdle.

A webgame (loosely) based on the viral word game Wordle, Blurdle challenges you to guess a new board game each day from a heavily blurred image of its box. With each incorrect guess or skip, the image gets a little less hazy, so your challenge is – of course – to try and figure it out from just some inscrutable coloured blobs.

The game is created by professional computer programmer Andrew January, who’s also an amateur board game designer. He’s made a number of freely available print and play board games, which can be found on his website, alongside Blurdle. The most eye-catching one, at least in our view, is Kaiju Demolitions Ltd. in which you play as a godzilla beast hired to take part in major insurance fraud.

If you know all of the best board games, give Blurdle a try. There’s a new board game every day, so it should provide a bite size bit of fun for your morning. Though of course, if you’ve already got a dozen other of the neverending ‘ordle’ variants on the go, one more might be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.