A sequel to the best board game ever (no, really) is coming

Brass: Birmingham is the top-rated tabletop title on BoardGameGeek, and its publisher plans to crowdfund a sequel to the board game in 2024.

Brass Birmingham board game box

Board game publisher Roxley Games has confirmed plans to crowdfund a Brass: Birmingham sequel sometime in 2024. The economic strategy game is the highest-rated tabletop game in the world according to BoardGameGeek, so it’s appropriate that the announcement was made on that same platform. “Our next Brass sequel is our current top priority for development in 2024”, writes designer Gavan Brown on January 16.

Released in 2018, Brass: Birmingham is itself a sequel to the 2007 board game Brass. Both strategy board games (as well as another tweaked Brass spinoff, Brass: Lancashire) challenge players to create the most successful factories and rail / canal networks during the British Industrial Revolution.

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Brass: Birmingham officially became the best board game of all time in February 2023, when it stole the top spot on BoardGameGeek from Gloomhaven. The enormous legacy board game previously held the top spot for five years, and Pandemic: Legacy has currently pushed it down to third place.

Keen Brass fans likely won’t be surprised by the sequel reveal, as Brown first mentioned a Brass: Birmingham follow-up in a 2021 BoardGameGeek post. Brown says in Tuesday’s post that the sequel “is slated to be our next Kickstarter, which we plan to launch in Q4 2024”. Apparently, the precise release date of the follow-up will depend on how long it takes Roxley Games to develop and test the game.

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