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Gloomhaven is now only the 3rd best board game in the world

BoardGameGeek’s board game rankings have changed yet again – Brass: Birmingham remains on top, but Gloomhaven slips behind Pandemic Legacy.

Gloomhaven ranking third - Frosthaven minus one modifier card

In two months, Gloomhaven has fallen from the top of BoardGameGeek’s best board games list to third place. The dungeon-crawler spent five years in the number-one spot before Brass: Birmingham took over, and now it’s been usurped again. This time, the culprit is Pandemic Legacy, a legacy board game edition of the classic gateway game.

As the biggest board game forum around, the fight for the top seat on BoardGameGeek is a ruthless one. (It’s actually not: Gloomhaven designer Isaac Childres happily congratulated Brass: Birmingham when his board game was beaten.) The switching of places seems to have happened sometime after May 15.

This shift in rank between Gloomhaven and Pandemic Legacy is truly a monumental one, with 0.001 points separating their ‘Geek Rating’. Gloomhaven still has the higher average rating (8.62 to 8.54), but that wasn’t enough to stop Pandemic Legacy from overtaking.

These rankings aren’t the only way BGG separates the wheat from the chaff; there’s also the Golden Geek Awards for that. And if you’re looking to learn more about Gloomhaven, here’s our Gloomhaven review to fill you in.