Company of Heroes 3 release date, features, and latest COH3 news

Want to know the Company of Heroes 3 release date? From pre-orders to platforms, here's the intel on Relic's upcoming World War 2 RTS release

Company of Heroes 3 release date - US units moving out of an army base

Company of Heroes 3 is the upcoming RTS game from Relic, and the sequel to 2013’s Company of Heroes 2. Compared to previous instalments in the series, it promises heapings more content, new systems such as a turn-based map mode for its Italian campaign, and day one mod support. Due out early 2023, RTS gamers and WWII boffins alike are itching to get their mud-stained, camo-patterned mitts on the game. Here we’ll share everything we know about it so far, from the Company of Heroes 3 release date and latest trailers, to all its new features.

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Company of Heroes 3 release date - screenshot showing a stylised map mode version of Italy.

Company of Heroes 3 release date

The Company of Heroes 3 release date is February 23, 2023. That’s when it’ll be launching for PC users. A first for the Company of Heroes series, Company of Heroes 3 will also come to consoles. PS5 and Xbox Series X/S users will be able to purchase and play the game later in 2023, though we don’t have a specific console launch date just yet.

The first Company of Heroes 3 DLC expansion is expected some time in 2023 – and can already be pre-ordered.

Company of Heroes 3 release date - a railway

Company of Heroes 3 pre-orders

Company of Heroes 3 pre-orders are currently open to PC users, available via Steam and the game’s official website. There are two versions on offer – the regular one, priced at £49.99, and the Premium Edition, priced at £69.99. Both versions will net you a cosmetic pack ‘The Devil’s Brigade DLC’, but the ‘spensive version includes some additional cosmetics, and the game’s first big unannounced expansion pack when it comes out.

That’s for digital copies – physical copies of Company of Heroes 3 can be pre-ordered for £84.99 (premium) or £54.99 (regular).

Company of Heroes 3 release date - soldiers fighting in a desert

Company of Heroes 3 features

Company of Heroes 3 looks to be made in the same mould as the previous game, but is packed with a lot of content, including 41 missions across two singleplayer campaigns, four factions in multiplayer, and 120 playable units. It also brings a few new innovations to the table:

Tactical Pause

In singleplayer games you can pause the action, and use the new tactical pause system to not only assess the situation, but also set up a bunch of actions simultaneously. This looks particularly handy for new players just learning the RTS.

Dynamic Campaign Map

The Italian campaign features a turn-based map mode similar to those found in Total War games. Here you’ll be able to plan for and set up future battles.

Day One Modding

Company of Heroes 3 will come with modding support, allowing players to build their own maps, scenarios, and game modes. You’ll be able to tweak unit and building properties, add custom UI elements to the game’s HUD, and modify tech trees, unit caps, and so on.