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Warhammer-like wargame Conquest adds new Sorcerer Kings faction

Para Bellum has revealed a whole new faction for the fifth anniversary of its Warhammer-like, rank-and-flank fantasy wargame Conquest

Miniature manufacturer Para Bellum has revealed the new Sorcerer Kings faction for Conquest, a Warhammer-like rank and flank fantasy wargame. Revealed during a Twitch live stream on Thursday, the new faction draws on Indian and South Asian mythology and focuses heavily on elemental magic.

The Sorcerer Kings are the eighth faction for Conquest, which celebrates its fifth anniversary this year. Similar to Warhammer: The Old World, it’s a game of massed battles between armies of infantry, cavalry, monsters, and wizards. The models are currently available to pre-order, and will release in February and March.

Unlike the models for The Old World factions, Conquest’s miniatures are in the large 38mm scale. It has a unique Command mechanic for controlling your forces; players programme in the order their units will activate at the start of the turn by placing cards into a Command stack. The Sorcerer Kings will actually tinker with that mechanic, with powerful Ritual magic that uses the Command stack as a timer before it can take effect.

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The Sorcerer Kings are able to access the “elemental domains” of earth, air, fire, and water, though the new range and rules are initially focused on wind and fire.

The choice of elemental magic that the army’s Raj uses will permit them to field elemental spirits of the matching element as main battle line troops; Efreets for fire, and Djinns for air. Those units can in turn boost the effectiveness of their master’s magic, leaving magic-boosting markers on the board after they activate.

It wouldn’t be Conquest without a suitably large monster to back up the force, which in this case comes from the Rakhsasa, wrathful demigods from the depths of the domain of fire (pictured in the carousel above). Though the preview models only have human heads, the Twitch stream explains that alternate tiger heads have been sculpted, and that dual head options will be included with all monster releases going forward.

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