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Family board game Cranium just got a 25th anniversary edition

The classic board game Cranium is getting an anniversary edition in spring this year, alongside a new puzzle-solving game and other relauches

Cranium 25th anniversary edition

Hasbro and Funko Games are teaming up on a new line of Cranium products for spring and early summer that includes a 25th anniversary edition of the classic kids board game, revamps of two more Cranium games, and a brand new title, Cranium Big Brain: Detective Game.

Designed by Funko Games, the new ‘Big Brain’ title is described as a cooperative mystery solving puzzle game with “brainteasing, storytelling, and discovery exercises”. It can apparently be played solo or coop, and promises “hundred of mysteries to solve” on a “richly illustrated” game board. We’re getting ‘Where’s Waldo’ vibes from it.

The Cranium 25th Edition includes 18 activities, some brand new ones, and others pulled from across the whole Cranium range. It features the same classic colourful characters as the original. As part of the partnership, the companies are also relaunching Cranium Hullabaloo, a now app-driven game for young children, and Cranium Hoopla, a party board game where you play against a time limit.

Original Cranium, the “Game for your whole brain” was released in 1998, and so cleverly sneaks its way onto our top 90s board games list. Reaching beyond the status of mere trivia board game, it features tons of minigames including impressions, puzzles, and highspeed sculpture.

The majority of the titles will be out in early summer 2023, with the 25th anniversary edition slated for spring. Prices are $34.99 for that edition, $22.99 for Big Brain: Detective Game, and $19.99 for Cranium Hoopla and Hullabaloo.