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Cthulhu Death May Die board game spawns season three

Tabletop publisher CMON reveals Cthulhu: Death May Die: Fear of the Unknown, the third season for the Lovecraft-inspired board game

Cthulhu Death May Die season three - CMON art of Cthulhu

A YouTube stream on October 5 from board game publisher CMON revealed Cthulhu: Death May Die is getting a third season. Cthulhu: Death May Die: Fear of the Unknown will be a standalone base game, and CMON marketing coordinator Helena Dutt-Ross says its Kickstarter will launch “very soon – I mean very soon”.

The original Death May Die is a scenario-based co-op game where players attempt to summon (and then stop) an Elder God from the mythos of H.P. Lovecraft. It features a wide range of plastic minis, and no doubt the Kickstarter campaign will offer a brand new roster. Like the newly announced season three, the original Death May Die was also a Kickstarter game – one that managed to crowdfund over $2 million / £1.7 million.

While we can expect many familiar features, Dutt-Ross says there will be some changes. “It is the game you know and love”, she says, “but there are a few new tweaks we think you’ll enjoy”. The game will be available to demo at this year’s Essen Spiel convention in Germany on October 8 and 9.

Watch the full YouTube announcement below:

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