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Cy_Borg RPG augmented with a site full of free resources

Stockholm Kartell, the team behind grim tabletop RPGs Mörk Borg and Cy_Borg, launches a website filled with free resources for Cy_Borg players

Cy_Borg free content - illustration of a cybernetically enhanced head, seen in profile view on a hot pink background

Cy_Borg designer Stockholm Kartell has made it even easier to play the cruels-light cyberpunk RPG, launching an official website filled with free resources on December 12. The site includes rules reference sheets, fillable character sheets, digital character generators, maps, and a starter adventure.

Published by Free League, Cy_Borg is an OSR-style tabletop RPG that shares a system with the equally grim but more fantasy-oriented Mörk Borg. The first Borg was well-known for supporting its community with free supplements, accessibility documents, and a third-party licence that allowed anyone to sell and publish Mörk Borg content. Now it seems Cy_Borg, which is an apocalyptic sci-fi about punks who hate big corporations, is following suit.

Most of these assets, such as the Reaper Repo adventure, Map of Cy, and the Location Pad, were included at certain pledge levels in the Cy_Borg Kickstarter campaign. Others, like the NPC, mission, and Punk generators, are lifted from the book itself. The third-party licensing rules remain the same for both Borgs – including a distinct ban on NFTs and discriminatory content.

Here’s the Cy_Borg website in question. You can learn more about the game’s high-tech end-times in our dedicated Cy_Borg review (spoilers: we really liked it).

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