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Dark Souls board game just got two new expansions, revamped rules

The Dark Souls board game has released two standalone expansions covering new locations, along with a fresh rules update based on player feedback

Dark Souls the board game - the boxes for the two new dark souls expansions painted world and tomb of giants

Five years into the Dark Souls board game’s lifespan, creator Steamforged Games is releasing two ‘core set’ expansions, that can be played as standalone games or in unison with the base game and other expansion boxes.

Announced back in August, the Painted World of Ariamas and Tomb of Giants core sets bring their titular locations to the game for players to explore, battle through, and – of course – die within. They’re out now, released on November 8.

Both expansions take advantage of “a refreshed ruleset”, the designers have made for the Dark Souls board game, following “comprehensive player feedback” – this updated rulebook is also available for free on Steamforged’s website.

Each game has its own boss and mini boss: Gravelord Nito and the Black Knight for the Tomb of Giants, and Crossbreed Priscilla and the Heavy Knight for the Painted World. Each one also contains three character minis, and an array of standard enemies, including those dreadful bonewheel skeletons in the Painted World, which Steamforged calls “fan-favourites” in its press release – presumably as some kind of sick joke.

According to Steamforged, the minis in these games are “a significant upgrade on the durability and fidelity” of those within the original 2016 Dark Souls board game. We recently found out that the Elden Ring board game will also be spruced up in the miniatures department – in terms of both quality and size.

Both the Painted World of Ariamas and Tomb of Giants core sets are available from the Steamforged website and brick-and-mortar stores now. Either one will set you back $109.95 / £109.99.