Disney Lorcana fans are already spotting busted combos

It’s A Whole New World figuring out broken combos in Disney Lorcana, but these two TCG cards are some of the first Belles of the ball.

Disney Lorcana combos - Ravensburger art of Disney Princess Belle

Disney Lorcana isn’t even out yet, and trading card game fans are coming up with OP Disney Lorcana combos. One such suggestion comes from Twitter user Alessandro Sutton, who used social media to spotlight two particular cards on July 26. These are Belle: Strange But Special and A Whole New World.

When she’s not falling in love with beastly princes, Belle is a character card in Disney Lorcana with the abilities ‘Read a Book’ and ‘My Favorite Part!’. The first of these lets you put an additional card from your hand face-down in your inkwell (if you’re a Magic: The Gathering fan, this is essentially playing a Land). The second ability gives Belle four extra lore value if there are ten or more cards in your inkwell.

So, Belle can play two inks a turn, and she’s worth more for questing if your inkwell is stuffed to the brim (and you’ll need that lore to win the game). How do you get that value without emptying your hand of useful cards? The answer seems to be A Whole New World.

This is a Song card, which means it can be played for free by exerting certain characters. What’s important here is the card’s ability: when it’s played, each player discards their hand and draws seven cards. With both cards in play, it becomes easy to fill up your inkwell and cycle through your deck, no strings attached.

Our Disney Lorcana review shows there’s lots to be optimistic about with this new TCG. And with the Disney Lorcana release date set for August, we’re keen to see what powerful combos people continue to come up with. We’re also super curious what the first Disney Lorcana banlist might look like.