Disney Lorcana release date, cards, and more news

Disney Lorcana is media megacompany Disney's attempt to enter the world of Trading Card Games - here's everything we know about it from cards, to dates

Disney Lorcana - a wizard version of mickey mouse, frowning.

We were all pretty surprised to learn Disney is making its very own TCG, featuring beloved characters from the House of Mouse. The movie company has partnered with game publisher Ravensburger to create Disney Lorcana, a card game where players will bring together their favourite Disney characters for a storybook-style adventure.

Disney’s empire spans more franchises than you can count on all your fingers and toes, but so far every revealed Lorcana character hails from the studio’s animated movies. The game has been created with the help of Ravensburger, which previously worked on Disney puzzles and the popular Disney board game Villainous. As you might have noticed, the game’s name is a portmanteau, combining the words lore and arcana. That hopefully gives you some idea of the themes Disney is going for with the game.

Featuring analogues to power, toughness, and mana costs, as well as a few keywords that seem rather familiar, Lorcana looks to be quite inspired by Magic: The Gathering, and perhaps it’s the reason the crossover-happy Wizards of the Coast is yet to produce a Disney Secret Lair or Universes Beyond product. Right now, the exact details on how Lorcana plays are still unknown, though some fans got their hands on the first batch of Lorcana cards at Disney’s D23 event.

There’s no need to wish upon a star for more information, we’ve got all the Disney Lorcana details right here.

Disney Lorcana, an ornate spherical structure, with multiple spires and towers protruding from it, surrounded by a colourful swirling maelstrom.

Disney Lorcana release date

Disney Lorcana will be released in sets called ‘chapters’. Right now, it’s not clear exactly what the release schedule for Lorcana will look like – it’s unknown how many chapters there will be, and how often they will be released, for instance.

But we do at least know when Lorcana set one, The First Chapter, is coming out. It’ll be released in Autumn 2023, though a more precise date with a specific day or month attached is yet to be announced.

Disney Lorcana cards

So far, just a handful of Disney Lorcana cards have been shown off, revealing the TCG interpretations of a bunch of heroes and villains from the Disney… is multiverse the right word?

Starting with the nasties, we’ve got Maleficent, Monstrous Dragon; a big stompy villain that can ‘banish’ another character. There’s also Cruella de Vil, Miserable as Usual; and Captain Hook, Forceful Duelist.

As for goodies, we have Stitch, Rock Star; Elsa, Snow Queen; Mickey Mouse, Brave Little Tailor; and Robin Hood; Unrivalled Archer.