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Disney Lorcana debuts Mickey and Elsa cards at D23

The first cards from the upcoming Disney Lorcana trading card game from Ravensburger include Mickey Mouse, Robin Hood, Elsa, and Cruella De Vil

Disney Lorcana D23 cards revealed - art of Disney character Elsa reaching towards the viewer

Dedicated Disney fan event D23 revealed the first collectible cards for Disney Lorcana on September 8. Trading cards depicting animated characters Stitch, Robin Hood, Elsa, Maleficent, Captain Hook, and Cruella De Vil were shared at the event, and images (see below) were later shared online by The Gamer editor Eric Switzer. An exclusive Mickey Mouse card was also included in the reveal, but this is only available to D23 members attending the convention this year.

Published by Ravensburger (who is perhaps best known for its other Disney tabletop success, Disney Villainous), the Disney Lorcana trading card game is the media company’s answer to Magic: The Gathering. We know very little about the Disney Lorcana release date or rules, but the newly revealed cards give glimpses of how gameplay might work. There are clear symbols for a card’s cost, attack, and defence – as well as a more mysterious symbol found on the bottom right of each card.

Each card also has unique abilities and a list of different categories it falls under. Cards can be heroes and villains, but they can also be ‘dreamborn’ and ‘storyborn’ – phrases which may begin to make sense once more of the Lorcana lore is uncovered.

According to Polygon, the first six cards (plus the free ‘Mickey Mouse – Brave Little Tailor’ promo and a Mickey pin) are available to buy at D23 for $49.95 / £43.02. Called ‘D23 Expo Collector’s Set’, these cards reportedly have a “unique foil treatment” and are printed with D23 and ‘first edition’ symbols.

The first Lorcana set will be called ‘Disney Lorcana: The First Chapter’, and it’s set to release in autumn 2023. According to ComicBook, Ravensburger will release four new sets per year.

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