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Rarest and most expensive Lorcana cards 2024

These are the most expensive Disney Lorcana cards on the market - you'll be amazed at the prices of the shiniest, rarest Lorcana cards.

Disney Lorcana art showing Elsa

Looking for the rarest, most expensive Lorcana cards of all time? We’re so used to expensive TCG cards that are decades old that it’s a little bit shocking to see the enormous price tags on some of these valuable Lorcana cards. But perhaps we should’ve seen this coming. After all, the characters and films are so beloved by so many: it only makes sense mega-fans are prepared to shell out for a rare Disney card.

Despite its recency, Disney Lorcana still boasts some enormously expensive cards. It doesn’t quite top the trading card game charts – there’s no matching the staggering prices of the most expensive rare Pokémon cards – but it does come surprisingly close. Lorcana racked up huge prices even before it came out. The hype around Disney Lorcana’s release date was immense, and before the cards hit stores, signed sets of promo cards given out at the D23 2022 Expo were selling for $100,000s.

Now things have settled down a little bit, but there are still some really expensive Disney Lorcana cards worth thousands or tens of thousands of dollars on the market. Here are the most valuable cards we’ve seen:

An expensive Disney Lorcana card

9. Simba, Returned King, Enchanted

Price: $800

You’ll soon realize that the vast majority of expensive Disney Lorcana cards are Enchanted cards (the highest Disney Lorcana rarity) or promo cards given out at the Disney D23 Expo in 2022. This Simba, Returned King card is one of the former. Like all Enchanted cards, this one comes in shiny foil with alternate art.

The lion looks regal, but the main downside to this very pretty Lorcana card is that it’s not actually very good. For seven ink, Simba, Returned King just doesn’t do enough when it hits the board. Despite that, rarity alone has given Simba a decent price tag – the best recent sale we saw was a CGC 10 copy that went for $800 on eBay.

8. Captain Hook, Forceful Duelist and Cruella de Vil, Miserable as Usual, D23

Price: $2741

Our next two entries were sold on the same day, by the same eBay seller, for exactly the same price. So they come in at a tie, which is quite vexing for those of us aiming to create a nice, orderly list. Both cards, Captain Hook, Forceful Duelist and Cruella de Vil, Miserable as Usual, sold on October 15, 2023 for $2,741. These two are again, nothing special, they’re not the best Disney Lorcana cards of all time, and the regular versions go for a couple of dollars at most.

The only thing inflating their price tag is the little D23 symbol at the bottom and a unique foil treatment. That marks these out as copies of the promo cards that were given out at Ravensburger’s stand during the D23 Disney Expo event in 2022. It’s not exactly clear how many copies of these cards there are, but clearly it’s quite a limited population, which is why the D23 cards are prominent on this list.

An expensive Disney Lorcana card

6. Maleficent, Monstrous Dragon, D23

Price: $3,400

One of the highest ink-cost cards in the entire first set, Maleficent, Monstrous Dragon is a powerful top-end. When you play her, she banishes another character, a truly powerful ability. Regular versions of this card can easily go for $30 – 40, but the D23 version is obviously much pricier. Recently, a copy sold on eBay on November 17, 2023 for $3,400.

An expensive Disney Lorcana card

5. Stitch, Rock Star, D23

Price: $5,485

This Floodborn Disney Lorcana card reimagines the alien Stitch as a singing, guitar playing musician. Stitch, Rock Star is one of the Shift cards that can be played over a regular version of a character to transform them.

After that transformation, what you’re left with is a great card draw engine, giving you new cards whenever you play a cheap character. But we think the real reason his D23 promo card went for $5,485 on eBay on October 25, 2023 is down to the card’s design.

Stitch is so beloved, and it’s awesome to see such a radical new take on the cute/scary monster. This was one of the first cards we saw that told us Ravensburger wasn’t just going to be playing it straight with the immense stable of Disney characters.

An expensive Disney Lorcana card

4. Mickey Mouse, Brave Little Tailor, D23

Price: $6,229

Mickey Mouse, Brave Little Tailor was early on known as the best of the bunch of the D23 promo cards, and it only makes sense that the face of Disney became one of the most expensive Disney Lorcana cards ever.

We predict this will be a pretty controversial entry. Copies of this card were reportedly selling for $10,000 last year, so you might think it warrants being bumped up the list a couple of places.

But while listings at or even exceeding this price point are still going up on eBay, it doesn’t seem like they’re selling. Indeed, the highest cost copy we could find was a good 40% cheaper, and sold November 1, 2023 for $6,229. What a bargain!

An expensive Disney Lorcana card

3. Discard Card, Enchanted

Price: $9,999

Amusingly, one of the most expensive Disney Lorcana cards is not a character. It’s not an item, action, or song either. In fact, it’s a mistake. These Enchanted Foil ‘Discard’ cards were, as the great big letters slapped on the front suggest, supposed to be thrown away. They appear to be test cards, created to try out the foiling when Lorcana cards were being printed.

As such, they weren’t supposed to make it to fan’s hands, but a few seem to have found their way – it’s not clear how – into booster packs. There’s a certain kind of TCG fan who goes giddy for misprints and errors, which is why on October 18, 2023 a copy of the Discard test card went on eBay for $9,999!

An expensive Disney Lorcana card

2. Elsa, Snow Queen, D23

Price: $15,000

If you happen to have a copy of Elsa, Snow Queen from D23 you should probably not let it go, not without money exchanging hands. After the mouse and the snow queen tussled for a bit, the victor’s mantle went to the character with ice powers, and Elsa has ultimately proven to be the most valuable card to come out of that convention.

It makes sense: ask any child, and they’ll probably be more likely to recognize Elsa than Mickey, and there’s no contest for which one they’d rather have on their lunchbox. It may be that this is quite a recent usurping. Mickey was in the lead for a long time, before a PSA 10 copy of Elsa, Snow Queen changed everything, selling for $15,000 on eBay in late October 2023.

An expensive Disney Lorcana card

1. Elsa, Spirit of Winter, Enchanted

Price: $45,000

But the D23 promo is no longer the most valuable Elsa around. That title, and right now the title of ‘most expensive Disney Lorcana card’ goes to the Enchanted alternate art card Elsa, Spirit of Winter.

Featuring Elsa in an ice dress performing powerful magic, the card is pretty beautiful to behold. A copy sold via eBay on November 26, 2023 for an astounding $45,000. What gave it the edge? Well it’s got grader Beckett’s highest rank of 10, Pristine. But good grading is pretty much a requirement to make it on this list.

It may be a combination of looks and power that fetched this Elsa such a pretty penny. She’s played in the most competitive deck in the current meta: Amethyst/Ruby Bounce/Control.

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