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Disney Lorcana sets - all the starter decks and booster boxes

Each Disney Lorcana set is supported by a whole range of products, from Booster Boxes to Starter Decks - here’s everything you need to know!

Disney Lorcana sets - The First Chapter Sleeping Beauty card art, a blonde princess in a blue gown walks through briars

The first ever Disney Lorcana set, Lorcana: The First Chapter, released in August 2023, and was immediately a smash hit.  The trading card game is a whole new world for Disney fans, and its starter decks, booster boxes, and accessories are a wish come true for any TCG player.

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Disney Lorcana sets - The First Chapter products

The launch of a new trading card game is always an exciting time – if you check our guides to the most rare Pokemon cards and most expensive Magic the Gathering cards, you’ll find that the very first set is the source of most games’ most desirable collectibles.

If you’ve decided you want to get involved with Lorcana but don’t want to make do with just the bare necessities, read this guide to find out all the different Lorcana products that are available to kickstart your collection!

Lorcana the First Chapter

Lorcana: The First Chapter launched in August 2023, and was hugely successful – so much so that, at time of writing, you’ll have trouble finding products. However, publisher Ravensburger promises that reprints of many of these are coming. Here’s everything released as part of Lorcana: The First Chapter.

Disney Lorcana sets - The First Chapter starter decks

Lorcana Starter Decks

While some TCGs have starter decks that aren’t much to write home about, the first set of Lorcana Starter Decks are great, packed with the staples you need to start building competitive decks. And while the rest of Lorcana is suffering from product shortages, you can commonly find starter decks on the shelf.

Each starter deck comes with a Lorcana: The First Chapter booster pack too, so you can start trading and upgrading immediately. The decks come in three flavours: Sapphire and Steel, Ruby and Emerald, and Amber and Amethyst.

Disney Lorcana sets - The First Chapter booster box,

Lorcana Booster Boxes

Lorcana Booster Boxes from The First Chapter are in such high demand that they’re hard to come across. Don’t fret! Ravensburger has committed to reprinting Lorcana: The First Chapter booster boxes even after the launch of the next set.

Each booster box comes with 24 Lorcana booster packs of 12 cards – that’s a grand total of 288 cards in each Lorcana booster box. Where starter decks make a dependable foundation for your collection, booster boxes will jump start you in customising your existing decks or building new ones.

Disney Lorcana sets - The First Chapter booster packs

Lorcana Booster Packs

It’s easier to find Lorcana booster packs from The First Chapter in the wild than unopened booster boxes. These 12 card packs come with a minimum of two rares; it’s a generous approach to the most powerful cards that makes Lorcana a lot easier to collect than a lot of other TCGs. You’ll find your trade binder filling up in no time by snapping these up when you can get them.

Disney Lorcana sets - The First Chapter gift box

Lorcana Gift Set

The Lorcana Gift Set contains a myriad of goodies. It contains two standard foil cards, Hades – King of Olympus and Mulan – Imperial Soldier, alongside four Lorcana Booster Packs, plus game tokens to track lore and damage. You’ll also get two oversized foils; they aren’t game-legal, but they’re cool to collect and display!

Disney Lorcana sets - The First Chapter card sleeves with Mickey Mouse art

Lorcana Card Sleeves

Lorcana uses standard size cards, so unsurprisingly Lorcana card sleeves are standard size too. Adorn your decks with the art of Captain Hook, Elsa, or Mickey Mouse while protecting your valuable cards. You won’t believe how much those enchanted rares can be worth, so you’d better protect them!

Disney Lorcana sets - The First Chapter deck box with Mickey Mouse art

Lorcana Deck Boxes

Official Lorcana Deck Boxes can hold up to 80 sleeved cards, more than enough room for your 60-card Lorcana tournament deck. It’s interesting that these boxes hold 80 cards, as the game currently has no option for side-boarding in any additional cards during play – that space really is spare.

For now, keep a couple of extra sleeves in there in case yours split mid-game. Once again you’ll find art of Captain Hook, Elsa and Mickey Mouse here.

Disney Lorcana sets - The First Chapter binder, a ringbinder for cards with Maleficent art

Lorcana Binders

Lorcana Binders will help you protect your most valuable cards, and provide an easy way to transport your trades to your local game store. With a choice of either the Evil Queen or Stitch, Lorcana Binders can hold 64 standard cards and 8 oversized cards.

That’s a little on the small side considering you’ll get 288 cards in a booster box, but the option to sleeve the oversized cards is neat for collectors.

Disney Lorcana sets - The First Chapter playmat with art of Maui leaping through the air

Lorcana Playmats

Finally, you’re going to need a surface to protect your deck when playing: that’s where Lorcana Playmats come in. Playmats are available with art of Maleficent, Maui and Mickey Mouse, providing a little variety to mix and match art between your Lorcana Playmat and your Lorcana Sleeves.

Disney Lorcana sets - Rise of the Floodborn booster box

Lorcana Rise of the Floodborn

We’re not far away from the release of Lorcana’s second set, Lorcana: Rise of the Floodborn. Rise of the Floodborn will release on November 17 at friendly local game stores and at Disney Parks on, and will make its way to general release (including Amazon) on December 1, just in time for Christmas!

The full details for Rise of the Floodborn aren’t revealed yet but we know there are going to be new starter decks, booster packs, sleeves, deck boxes and playmats.

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