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The best Disney Lorcana starter decks, ranked

Here’s the lowdown on each Disney Lorcana starter deck, compiled into a ranked list that’ll help you start playing the trading card games.

Ruby and Sapphire Disney Lorcana starter deck

Disney Lorcana starter decks offer a magical door into the world of trading card games. These pre-constructed decks allow you to simply pick up and play, no experience required. But with more starter decks appearing with each Lorcana set, you may be wondering – where’s the best place to start?

To help you choose the best Lorcana decks, we’ve ranked the options from each Disney Lorcana set. Some contain the best Disney Lorcana cards to start deck-building with, while others are an excellent representation of recent Disney Lorcana rules and powerful Lorcana color combinations. Whatever your style, there’s a starter deck to suit.

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Ruby and Sapphire

A recent Disney Lorcana starter deck that shows off what the game offers.

Today’s best deals
Ruby and Sapphire specifications:
Set Into the Inklands
Estimated singles value $35.45
Best cards Motunui, Island Paradise, Scrooge McDuck, Richest Duck in the World
Reasons to buy
  • Introduces location cards.
  • Strong standalone starter deck.
Reasons to avoid
  • Singles value likely to drop.
  • More challenging for newbies.

The Into the Inklands set introduces an entirely new card type, so players wanting to keep up with the times should invest in a more recent starter set. Of the two, we prefer Ruby and Sapphire. It’s pretty powerful as far as starter decks go, and it’s a challenging yet rewarding introduction to Disney Lorcana.

Rather than one clear strategy, this deck gives you a large number of options for overtaking your opponent. It’s stuffed with Disney Lorcana location cards and items, as well as plenty of character abilities to help with questing and challenging.

This is a versatile deck, suitable for newer players who still want to pack a punch. However, it’s too early to tell how this deck will perform competitively, as the meta is likely to shift with Into the Inklands’ release. The overall value of its cards is also likely to drop as the set ages, and we’re not sure there are enough high-power singles in here to draw in experienced players.

Amethyst and Steel

The best Disney Lorcana starter deck for players who want to get competitive.

Today’s best deals
Amethyst and Steel specifications:
Set Rise of the Floodborn
Estimated singles value $23.81
Best cards Madam Mim, Snake, Merlin, Goat
Reasons to buy
  • A great introduction to a powerful mechanic in the current meta.
  • Super strong with some upgrades.
Reasons to avoid
  • No tank-y character cards to defend.
  • Not the most beginner-friendly deck.

The Amethyst and Steel starter deck is an excellent gateway to competitive Lorcana games. Beginners will have to grapple with a bit more complexity upfront because of this fact, but the payoff is you get to learn about one of Lorcana’s latest and most exciting deck archetypes.

We’re talking about ‘bounce’ decks, as the community calls them. These rely on Amethyst cards featuring Merlin and Madam Mim, who trigger effects when cards enter and leave the battlefield. With some careful planning, you can set up some enormously powerful combos.

The deck does sacrifice a bit of punching power to pursue this strategy, though. Amethyst and Steel may feature some fantastic cards, but its lack of beefy characters means it may struggle against other starter decks. And, without some substitutions, the starter deck can’t stand alone against competitive custom decks either.

Amber and Amethyst

A simple yet strong Disney Lorcana starter deck, suitable for beginners.

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Amber and Amethyst specifications:
Set The First Chapter
Estimated singles value $21.63
Best cards Olaf, Friendly Snowman, Friends on the Other Side
Reasons to buy
  • Easy for beginners to learn to play with.
  • Strong when facing other starter decks.
Reasons to avoid
  • Doesn’t resemble competitive decks using these colors.
  • Few valuable singles worth holding onto.

If you and your buddies are picking starter decks to play against each other, the Amber and Amethyst deck is likely to win you plenty of games. Easy to learn and well-balanced against other starters, this is a deck for Lorcana players who don’t want to feel left behind because they prefer simple strategies.

Character cards take center stage, and your game plan involves playing a lot of them. You won’t be setting up uber-complex combos or interacting with your opponents much, and you won’t learn much about the newer mechanics featured in Lorcana. But you will have cards to play every turn, keeping the pressure on your opponents as you draw and play more and more characters.

If you couldn’t tell, this is the ultimate beginner deck. Lorcana players who aspire to upgrades and competitive play will find less to be excited about here. A handful of the Amethyst cards still get played in the game’s top decks, but there’s not much else to work with once you’re ready to build a custom deck of your own.

Amber and Emerald

A Disney Lorcana starter deck packed with puppies, but not a lot of power.

Today’s best deals
Amber and Emerald specifications:
Set Into the Inklands
Estimated singles value $33.48
Best cards Dalmatian Puppy, Tail Wagger, Pongo, Determined Defender
Reasons to buy
  • Strong individual cards for future deck-building.
  • Introduces location cards.
Reasons to avoid
  • Lacks strength as a standalone deck.
  • Singles value likely to drop.

Since Into the Inklands introduces a whole new card type, it’s handy to have a starter deck that can teach you how these work. Amber and Emerald offers this, as well as plenty of strong and exciting cards to play with. The only problem is that, when combined in a standalone starter deck, these cards don’t function all that well.

The Dalmatian puppies introduced in this deck offer some delightful new play options, including the opportunity to add 99 copies of Tail Wagger to your deck (you’ll need to buy 94 extra cards of that name if you want to make it happen, though). Combine this with some card draw and search options, and you’ve got the beginnings of something beautiful.

The starter deck unfortunately doesn’t go quite far enough for our tastes. There’s a lot of fun to be found here, but we wonder how fondly we’ll look back on the Amber and Emerald deck once the competitive meta has adjusted to Into the Inkland’s new cards.

Sapphire and Steel

A swing-y Disney Lorcana starter deck with interesting strategies

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Sapphire and Steel specifications:
Set The First Chapter
Estimated singles value $26.25
Best cards Prince Eric, Dashing and Brave, Grab Your Sword
Reasons to buy
  • Strategic options make it super fun to play.
  • Can easily beat other starter decks – if you draw the right cards.
Reasons to avoid
  • Unbalanced deck which swings between weak and winning hands.
  • Very few cards are still played in competitive decks.

If you’re looking for consistent wins, the Sapphire and Steel starter deck might not be for you. But if it’s strategy and silly fun you’re after, it’s not a bad choice. This Lorcana deck lives and dies on the strength of your card pulls. With the right hand, you’ll absolutely dominate against other starters – without it, you’re pretty much toast.

The strategy here resembles ramp decks in other trading card games like Magic: The Gathering. You want to fill your inkwell fast so you can get big, beefy characters on the board at speed. After that, your prowess with attack and defense will see you outlast your opponents.

That only applies to games against other starter decks, of course. Sapphire and Steel is a competitive ink combination, but few of the cards in this starter deck see top-level play. Besides, the lack of balance means this deck would never cut it against custom creations.

Amber and Sapphire

A Disney Lorcana starter deck with strong singles but a lot of randomness.

Today’s best deals
Amber and Sapphire specifications:
Set Rise of the Floodborn
Estimated singles value $23.16
Best cards The Queen, Commanding Presence, Pawpsicle
Reasons to buy
  • Great for beginners who want a simple deck.
  • Strong cards that see lots of competitive play.
Reasons to avoid
  • Not a competitive color combination in the current meta.
  • A swing-y deck that can’t promise consistent wins.

In the short term, Amber and Sapphire is a solid choice of starter deck. It’s full of strong, interesting cards that strike a good balance between strategic complexity and beginner-friendly simplicity. And it can certainly hold its own against the other starter decks – in some games, that is.

Truth is, too many unlucky draws in a row can slow the deck down massively. Many cards have Shift or abilities that rely on certain types and numbers of characters being in play (we’re looking at you, Seven Dwarfs). There are some strong card draw options in here to balance things out, but it can’t always save you from the deck’s random elements.

Problems also begin when you’re a little more familiar with Disney Lorcana. If you’re ready to build a competitive custom deck, you’ll need to buy an awful lot of singles and sacrifice much of your existing starter cards. Long-term, Amber and Sapphire is fun but not all that viable.

Emerald and Ruby

A Disney Lorcana starter deck that’s difficult to recommend.

Today’s best deals
Emerald and Ruby specifications:
Set The First Chapter
Estimated singles value $18.73
Best cards Aladdin, Heroic Outlaw, Mad Hatter, Gracious Host
Reasons to buy
  • A strong color combination for budget deck-building.
  • Strong against other starter decks if you play your cards right.
Reasons to avoid
  • Not a competitive color combination in the current meta.
  • Quite complex for a beginner Lorcana deck.

On the bottom of the pile is Emerald and Ruby, a starter Lorcana deck that offers a fair amount of complexity for not much competitive value. It offers you a sneaky strategy to play with, where you’ll steal opponents’ lore and interfere with their board state while buffing your own questing and challenging characters. This can be oodles of fun.

Against other starters, the deck can be quite successful in the hands of a savvy player. And if you want a wallet-friendly foundation for future deck-building, this is a great choice. The upside of being underestimated by competitive players is that many of your best cards don’t cost much.

It has its upsides, but there are too many ‘downs’ for us to really rate this starter deck. Beginner players might yearn for a more approachable deck, or one that teaches them more important rules and mechanics for play. Meanwhile, veterans won’t see too much value for money.

Disney Lorcana starter decks - Ravensburger art of Scrooge McDuck

How we picked the best Disney Lorcana starter decks

We ranked each Lorcana starter deck based on the following factors:

  • Beginner suitability – How well the deck teaches you to play, and how easy it is to play with.
  • Current meta – How well the deck prepares you for competitive games, and whether it teaches you about newer mechanics.
  • Value for money – How useful (and valuable) each card will be for future deck-building.
  • Power level – How well the cards play together in a standalone deck.
  • Personal taste – Each ink type offers different playstyles, so our personal favorites will influence the list.

It’s worth bearing in mind that none of these decks are likely to hold up against a custom-constructed deck – there are way more powerful deck lists floating around the Disney Lorcana meta right now. But plenty of these decks are playable (and ripe for tweaking later on).

Disney Lorcana starter decks - Ravensburger art of Pongo and his dalmatian puppies

If you’re still learning how to play, our guides to Lorcana rarity symbols and Lorcana card size can help. We can even teach you how to play Disney Lorcana online.