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Disney Lorcana rarity and rarity symbols explained

Here is how to spot and identify each of the six different Lorcana rarity symbols, and how rarity works in the Disney Lorcana card game.

Disney Lorcana rarity art showing Merlin from the Disney Sword in the Stone

There are six different rarities in the Disney Lorcana TCG in total. Here we’ll cover each one, from the lowly Commons to the sought after Enchanted cards. We’ll explain the Disney Lorcana rarity symbols too. If you’re wondering just exactly how rare your shiny new Lorcana card is, this is the place to find out.

Generally you’ll find the most expensive Lorcana cards at higher rarities, but that doesn’t always mean they’re the strongest. Indeed, while Lorcana rarity will often give you a clue to a card’s power level, and probably dictates its complexity, the best Disney Lorcana decks play cards from all rarities. Right now, this seems to be more true for Lorcana than it is for other trading card games, which often have top tier decks stuffed with cards that are hard to get hold of.

Disney Lorcana rarity - Winnie The Pooh honey wizard

Where to find Lorcana rarity symbols

To find out a Lorcana card’s rarity, you’ll need to find its rarity symbol. Fortunately, the Lorcana rarity symbols are easy to find. They’re prominently displayed at the very bottom of each card, slap bang in the center.

Even if you don’t recognize a symbol (we’re about to help you out with that) you can probably make a pretty clear guess at a card’s rarity based on its color. The lowliest Lorcana cards are grey, and from there it goes white, bronze, silver, gold, and finally rainbow colored.

Disney Lorcana rarity - Artwork of Snow White's wicked stepmother

Disney Lorcana rarity symbols explained

Here are all the different Disney Lorcana rarity symbols in order, and the card rarities they denote:

Rarity Symbol
Uncommon Disney Lorcana rarity uncommon symbol
Rare Disney Lorcana rarity rare symbol
Super Rare Disney Lorcana rarity super rare symbol
Legendary Disney Lorcana rarity legendary symbol
Enchanted Disney Lorcana rarity enchanted symbol

Disney Lorcana pack breakdown

It’s all very well knowing which rarity category your card falls into, but you need to know the pull rates for a Disney Lorcana pack to have any real clue what that means. Each Disney Lorcana pack has:

  • 12 cards in total
  • 6 Common cards
  • 3 Uncommon cards
  • 2 Rare, Super Rare, or Legendary cards
  • 1 foil card at any rarity
  • Probably 0 Enchanted cards

Disney Lorcana rarity Enchanted card art showing giant Tinkerbell holding a ship

Disney Lorcana Enchanted Rare cards

Disney Lorcana Enchanted cards are a special variant of existing cards that come with unique artwork and a special foil treatment. There are only a handful of different Enchanted cards available in each set, and they are mechanically identical to the regular versions of the card.

Ravensburger and Disney have given no official guidance on pull rates for Enchanted cards. The (extremely anecdotal) numbers being passed around by fans right now are about 1 in 100 packs, however, so don’t expect to open one anytime soon.

Because of their extreme rarity, Enchanted cards are generally the most expensive collectibles in the TCG, so if you spot that telltale rainbow symbol, keep your precious card safe.

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