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Disney Lorcana card size explained

Calling all trading card game fans – here’s your one-stop guide to the official Disney Lorcana card sizes, weights, and deck-building rules.

Disney Lorcana card size - Ravensburger TCG card, Gaston, Intellectual Powerhouse

Knowing the standard Disney Lorcana card size is more important than you might think. Whether you’re a collector of cards, competitive wins, or just trading card game trivia, it’s worth learning how big (and how heavy) a single card can be. And we’ve gathered all that information here to save you a few hours of research.

Read on to find out the exact dimensions of the best Disney Lorcana cards. This info can help you better understand Lorcana card rarity, as well as how to spot the most expensive Lorcana cards. Plus, we reckon size will play a major part in the Disney Lorcana rules once tournaments have taken off.

Here’s the low-down on Disney Lorcana card sizes:

Disney Lorcana card size - image of three Sapphire Lorcana cards from Ravensburger

Why does Disney Lorcana card size matter?

There are plenty of situations where a few inches or grams can make a big difference to Lorcana cards. In short, these details will matter most to collectors and competitive players.


Collectors can use standard card sizing to help determine whether the single they’re buying is legitimate. Given how young the game is, it’s unlikely that there will be many Lorcana counterfitters out there just yet. But there might be some – and the size and weight of a card could be a crucial difference that helps you spot a fake.

More established trading card games like Magic: The Gathering have shared a lot of card info to help identify real cards. This includes everything from font placement to border sizes. Ravensburger hasn’t released this kind of information yet, but we’ll be sure to update the guide if those details become public.

Competitive players

Having a uniform card size helps prevent cheating in competitive games. Being able to identify what card is where in your deck before you’ve even drawn on your turn is a huge advantage. If you want to play fair (and avoid problems in upcoming pro tournaments), you’ll want to make sure your cards are regulation-size.

There are always going to be slight variations in card size, because no printer is perfect. If you want to stay extra careful, we recommend always sleeving your Lorcana deck. 

Disney Lorcana card size - Ravensburger image of two different-sized copies of TCG card Elsa, Snow Queen

How big are Disney Lorcana cards?

The standard Disney Lorcana card size is approximately 2.5 by 3.25 inches (63.5mm by 88.9mm). Fun fact – this is the same as the standard MTG card size, and you’ll see cards with similar dimensions in the Pokémon TCG too. This means all manner of standard card sleeves will fit your Lorcana deck. 

How big are Gift Set Lorcana cards?

We said standard Disney Lorcana card size for a reason, as there are already exceptions to this rule. And we’re not just talking about slight variations in printing. The Disney Lorcana Gift Sets include a handful of giant Lorcana cards, which are deliberately bigger than the other glimmers in your collection.

Since official product packaging doesn’t list the dimensions for these chunky cards, we checked in with Ravensburger. It confirmed the oversized Disney Lorcana cards are 3.46 inches by 4.96 inches (87.9mm by 125.9mm)

Disney Lorcana card size - image of a pile of Emerald Ravensburger Disney Lorcana cards

How much do Disney Lorcana cards weigh?

Again, there are no official stats on Lorcana card weight. But trading card game fans have already done the hard math of finding out.

For example, in August 2023, Twitter user GGKeezee posted a video where they weighed 100 foil and 100 non-foil Lorcana cards. Both results were 184g, so the average weight of a Lorcana card appears to be 1.84g.

Twitter user NightwingsLoft replicates these results in another video from around the same time, showing individual cards that weigh 1.82g and 1.83g respectively. This video also shows a significant weight difference between Enchanted rares and other Lorcana cards. These holographic cards appear to weigh around 1.95g – which is a big difference in the world of trading card games.

The fact you might be able to determine the presence of a high-value card before you’ve even cracked a pack is pretty interesting. It’s also information that could be used for evil in the wrong hands, which has started plenty of discussion in the Lorcana community. TCG YouTuber Wossy Plays explains more here: 

YouTube Thumbnail

What is the standard Lorcana deck size?

With height, weight, and width out of the way, let’s talk about some other sizes you’ll need to know to play Lorcana. One of the most important is Lorcana deck size.

There’s no maximum number of cards you can have in a Lorcana deck, but the minimum number is 60. It’s generally recommended to stick to 60 cards – the more glimmers you have, the harder it is to pull the exact ones you need during play. 

Is there a maximum Lorcana hand size?

There is no maximum Disney Lorcana hand size. Remember, though, that you lose the game if you run out of cards to draw from your deck. 

Is there a standard Lorcana playmat size?

No one seems to be regulating Lorcana playmat size right now, but Ravensburger sells plenty of official ones, so we can tell you their average size. The average Neoprene Lorcana play mat is 2 inches by 2 inches by 11 inches (5cm by 5cm by 38cm).

For more TCG titbits, here’s all we know about the current Disney Lorcana sets. We can also explain Disney Lorcana ink types and how to play Disney Lorcana online.