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What are Disney Lorcana location cards?

Disney Lorcana locations are the newest card type added to the Lorcana TCG - here we explain precisely how location cards work and how to use them.

Disney Lorcana locations - Moana looking at the spirit lady person

Disney Lorcana location cards are a recent addition to the Lorcana card game. Debuting in set three: Into the Inklands, they’re a new type of card that will shake up your games, opening up brand new strategies and synergies. They’ll also allow us to visit our favorite Disney locations, from Pride Rock to Maleficent’s Castle, and progress the game’s story, as we see characters explore the mysterious Inklands.

Here, we’ll teach you everything there is to know about this new Disney Lorcana card type. We’ll show you how Lorcana location cards function, why you should play them, how your characters can interact with them, and how you can banish them. As new Disney Lorcana sets are released, we can expect more varied and complex locations to show up, so be sure to check back in case there are new place-based Lorcana rules to learn.

disney lorcana forbidden mountain

What is a Lorcana location card?

In Disney Lorcana, location cards represent a place. For instance, the first location card Ravensburger shared is the Forbidden Mountain that Maleficent’s castle sits on top of. Location cards help you win the game by passively generating lore over time. They have a symbol on them which shows how much lore they make each turn. You gain this lore automatically during the ‘Ready’ step of your turn.

Unlike the other card types in Disney Lorcana, locations are played landscape and can’t be readied. They have a willpower, but no strength which means they cannot be used to challenge characters. To use locations, you simply need to pay the ink cost of the card to play it. Then they start ticking up your lore count all by themselves.

disney lorcana I've got a dream

Your characters can also be ‘moved’ to your own location cards, for instance you might decide Peter Pan is going to pay a visit to Maleficent’s Castle. This has no inherent benefit baked into the game’s core rules, but there are plenty of character cards that will gain some benefit from moving. We expect some locations will also give bonuses if you move to them.

Note that characters can move even if their ink hasn’t dried, and moving doesn’t exert them. All locations have a movement cost, represented by the symbol below. You need to pay that much ink to move a character to the location.

disney lorcana Forbidden Mountain symbols

How to banish Locana location cards

Location cards can’t make challenges themselves, but they can be the target of challenges. So banishing location cards is pretty straightforward, you just need to challenge them the way you would a character, until their willpower is depleted.

One of the interesting things about Lorcana location cards is that they cannot be readied. They’re played landscape to illustrate the fact that they are essentially always exerted. That means it’s harder to protect locations, and they can always be challenged.

On the other hand, there are plenty of cards right now that only affect your opponents characters. A troublesome location can’t be dealt with by a handy dragon fire, you need someone out who can banish it for you.

disney lorcana minnie mouse

Should you play location cards in your Lorcana deck?

Whether or not location cards are a good fit for your deck is going to depend heavily on what other cards are in it. The best Lorcana decks use powerful synergies to become more than the sum of their parts.

We already know that Into the Inklands will include lots of cards that take advantage of locations and characters that get a bonus from moving. If you want to run locations, then when you come to build a Lorcana deck you should prioritize these cards.

disney lorcana peter pan

For instance, you might want to play Minnie Mouse and Peter Pan in the same deck. Minnie gets higher strength at a location, while Peter Pan gains lore each time he moves around.

We love all our Disney cards equally, but it must be said, some have more going for them than others. If you’re interested in winning more Lorcana matches, you need to check out the best Disney Lorcana cards.