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DnD book Kickstarter offers tattoos to backers

Kickstarter backers for Folklore: The Wild Hunt had the chance to get a unique custom tattoo in this DnD book's whimsical art style.

DnD - whimsical artwork showing creatures from UK folklore

Folklore: The Wild Hunt is an upcoming DnD 5e bestiary book full of creatures from UK and Irish folklore. It features stunning illustrated artwork, but what’s really drawn our attention to this recent Kickstarter is that a small handful of backers are getting that art tattooed on them, as a reward for pledging support.

For supporting the book with $412 / £333 or more, three Folklore backers have earned the right to get their own custom tattoo in illustrator Hannah Mosley’s art style, to be carried out in Manchester, England in 2023 or 2024.

Hand-sized tattoos have to be one of the most unusual Kickstarter rewards we’ve ever encountered. But it seems to have paid off – they were snapped up quickly, with the reward tier depleted within just three days.

DnD - tattoos in a handdrawn illustration style, showing animals and mythical creatures from the UK

Folklore: The Wild Hunt describes itself as “200 pages of folk horror and whimsy”. It’s a DnD 5e bestiary featuring two new DnD races and 80 DnD monsters, both friendly and foe-ly – all based on mythology from the British Isles. A 24-page preview shows off giant otter kings and shell-covered swamp fey, described as “vexatious little sods”.

The project arose from a book of folk tales released by tattooist and illustrator Hannah Mosley in 2021, which itself grew out of a drawing challenge she began during the UK’s Covid lockdown. Now her work has been combined with the RPG know-how of Israeli DM Tom Kremer, to create a tabletop roleplaying version of the work.