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Give your DnD Rogue their Harvey Dent moment with dice coins

DnD players can now test their luck with coins instead of dice, thanks to a Kickstarter from TTRPG accessories store Yarro Studios.

DnD coin dice Kickstarter - pile of coin dice in a red box (photo from Yarro Studios)

For a certain class of DnD characters, coins mean everything. Not everyone takes on adventuring jobs because they love justice; some just want to hear gold jingling in their pocket. One TTRPG Kickstarter project has proposed the perfect set of dice for the gamblers and hagglers of D&D – ones that look exactly like metal bits of money.

Each coin die has a steel ball bearing inside that, when the coin is flipped, is guided to a random number by slopes inside of the metal coin. There’s one coin for each type of polyhedral die, and it seems each will have unique designs on both sides. The dice coin Kickstarter comes from TTRPG accessories store Yarro Studios. Its president, Tanner Yarro, told Reddit on August 15 they wanted to design “a unique set of dice that no one had ever seen before”.

There’s no sign of a Kickstarter launch date just yet. Yarro also doesn’t appear to have revealed how much a dice coin set will cost, or if there will be any additional backer rewards.

You can find a few sneak peeks and demonstrations on The Yarro Studios Tiktok account:

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