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One day left to win a free axe-shaped DnD dice holder

A tabletop RPG fan has created DnD dice holders that look like plastic axes and bows, and they’re giving one away for free on November 25

DnD dice holder Reddit giveaway - 3D printed axe dice holder from GalacticPrintProps

A DnD fan who’s pretty nifty with a 3D printer is hosting a DnD dice holder giveaway – and the winner can choose between one shaped like an axe or a bow. Reddit user u/Beck8765 usually sells these items on the Etsy shop GalacticPrintProps, but they told Reddit they’d choose someone to receive one as a free prize on November 25.

These plastic DnD weapons can each hold one DnD dice set. They come in a variety of colours, and Beck8765 says the winner of the prize draw can choose their preferred scheme. As well as the obvious physical differences, each dice holder has a few unique details – the axe has room for an extra die and has runes printed on its pommel, while the bow has a pluck-able string and can hold a pencil like a tiny pretend arrow.

According to the Reddit post, only participants in the United States and Canada are eligible to enter. Anyone who comments on the original post is entered into the draw, and the winner will be decided using RedditRaffler. The competition ends at 4pm PST / 12am GMT on Friday, November 25.

This isn’t the first time GalacticPrintProps has given away products on social media. Beck8765 ran the same competition in the same Reddit community back in April, and they gave away a different dice holder in February. While the competition ends on Friday, the Etsy shop also offers a store-wide 10% discount until Monday, November 28.

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The images in this article are from the GalacticPrintProps Etsy page.