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DnD dungeon generator 5e guide

Looking for a DnD dungeon maker that can do all the hard work of mapping encounters for you? Here are our top TTRPG picks for dungeon generators

DnD dungeon generator map, Kassoon

DMing a game of Dungeons and Dragons takes plenty of planning, but a good DnD dungeon generator can take some of the work out of plotting encounters. Want to create a dungeon quickly? Whether you’re after a basic grid map or a detailed dungeon that gives you encounter ideas and interior decorating tips, there will be a dungeon generator that can help.

The dungeon generator 5e selection below all rely on a certain amount of randomness to build dungeons. If you’re looking for tools that give you more creative controls, our DnD maps guide ranks the very best D&D map makers. Wargamer can also point you to the best DnD encounter builders and DnD character creators for anyone who can’t choose between their favourite DnD classes and DnD races.

Here are some of the best DnD dungeon generators:

  • Donjon d20 random dungeon generator
  • One Page Dungeon
  • Dungeon Alchemist
  • Kassoon Dungeon Map Generator

DnD dungeon generator map from Donjon

Donjon d20 random dungeon generator

The Donjon d20 random dungeon generator is free and simple to use, but it also offers surprising depth. You can customise the dungeon’s level, size, shape, room layout, and more. Want plenty of dead ends to throw off your players, or want to keep stairs out of your game? There are options for that.

Once you’ve hit ‘go’ on the generator, you’ll end up with a map that can be downloaded in a variety of formats for in-game use. Sure, the map is visually pretty sparse. However, the dungeon generator offers random descriptions for every room to help bring them to life. These might include difficulty checks for locked doors, DnD monsters hanging out in the room, hidden treasure, and random room features.

DnD dungeon generator map from One Page Dungeon

One Page Dungeon

One Page Dungeon is probably the fastest dungeon generator we’ve picked. There are no parameters to set and very little you need to tweak, so you can create your next dungeon in mere seconds. Random titles, descriptions, and notes are generated along with the rooms, and you can tweak or delete these however you like.

Granted, speed comes with a price. One Page Dungeon is pretty limited in what it can create. The dungeons will always be pretty small, and while some of the notes generated make good prompts for descriptions or plot points, you’ll need to figure out most of the details yourself. If you need a free generator to use as a jumping-off point, however, it’s still worth checking out.

DnD dungeon generator map close-up from Dungeon Alchemist

Dungeon Alchemist

Dungeon Alchemist offers a way to randomly generate dungeons that are highly detailed, customisable, and visually appealing. Simply choose the kind of terrain you want to work with, draw your rooms, and let the AI populate the room with features. The AI will sometimes throw up some unusual suggestions (a mansion bathroom filled with only mirrors, for example), but you can customise the results however you want afterwards to combat this.

Dungeon Alchemist is pretty approachable for how many options it gives you. You can go into huge amounts of detail, create a dungeon in minutes, or even download dungeons created by other community members on Steam. Once you have what you’re after, it’s easy to export the map, and the finished results are compatible with several big VTTs like Roll20.

The main drawback of Dungeon Alchemist is that it’s expensive. $45 dollars is a big asking price when there are so many free generators available, particularly as the software is still in early access. Plus there are plenty of map makers that, while they don’t offer random generation, have as many customisation options for a smaller asking price.

DnD dungeon generator map from Kassoon

Kassoon Dungeon Map Generator

The Kassoon Dungeon Map Generator can create dungeons of varying sizes, difficulties, and contents in just a few seconds (and for free). As well as a standard grid map, you’ll get random furniture and detailed descriptions for each room. It even generates dungeon events and encounters to help you fill out the adventure.

This generator is high on detail, so there’s very little planning for you to do. However, there’s also very little in the way of customisation here; once all the objects and icons are placed, you can’t interact with them other than to hide them from view.