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D&D Beyond offers free DnD adventure for Valentine’s Day

Dungeons and Dragons website D&D Beyond is offering a free Valentine’s Day themed adventure

DnD Beyond Free Valentines Adventure Woodlands Illustration

Dungeons and Dragons’ digital companion website D&D Beyond is offering a free one-shot adventure to celebrate Valentine’s Day. ‘A Perilous Joy Festival’ is designed for three to four third-level D&D characters, and it tasks players with delivering ‘candy grams’ to a town at the edge of a swamp.

According to the D&D Beyond post, you can use the basic rules to complete ‘A Perilous Joy Festival’ – this means that all the information necessary to run and play the adventure is also available for free on D&D Beyond. The post also estimates that this adventure will take three to four hours to complete.

D&D Beyond recommends that you create good or neutral-aligned characters when playing – presumably ones that will defend love and friendship, rather than destroy them. Once created, these characters will face “environmental hazards, monsters, and some questionable characters” in their quest to deliver candy grams and track down a missing postman.

Without giving any spoilers, the post also recommends some skills that may aid characters on their journey. Tracking, navigating wilderness, and polished social skills will all be useful – so your party may want a Bard or a Ranger at hand.

Dnd Beyond Free Valentines Adventure Box of Fey Chocolates Illustration

The candy grams you’ll be giving out are filled with twee rhyming couplets – though the recipients of these treats are not so meek or mild. You can even create your own candy grams if you feel like getting into the spirit of the holiday. Of course, there’s still plenty of options for combat encounters if the thought of Valentine’s Day makes you want to hit something.

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