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The Unknown from viral Willy Wonka fiasco is now a DnD monster

A TTRPG game designer has made a DnD monster for the standout villain character from the ill-fated and now viral Willy's Chocolate Experience.

DnD monster - A masked figure peering out of a mirror surrounded by lollipops.

The Unknown, a highlight of the ill-fated Glaswegian children’s event, Willy’s Chocolate Experience, that went viral this week, has been reimagined as a DnD monster. Its creator, RPG designer Anthony Joyce-Rivera, threw together this stat block for the ‘evil chocolate maker who lives in the walls’, which he shared to social media on March 1.

While only a few details about the being called the Unknown have been gleaned (because the character was hastily thrown together for a poorly-planned event) this DnD monster stat block reveals a lot more about its capabilities.

It turns out the Unknown is a rather dangerous Fey creature, its challenge rating of five putting it on level footing with an elemental, a unicorn, or a giant crocodile. It looks like it’s designed as a boss fight, with multiple attacks per turn and a range of abilities that reference notable features from the Willy’s Chocolate Experience event.

For instance, the DnD Unknown can thwack you with the ‘Flimsy Mirror’ it constantly carries. That mirror has another effect too. When you’re in sight of it, the Unknown can force you to make a save or be petrified, as you start to turn into an enormous jellybean. That’s a reference to the singular jellybean guests were apparently given, alongside a shot of cheap lemonade, instead of the copious chocolate they were expecting.

DnD monster statblock for a homebrew The Unknown monster

The Unknown’s legendary action has it babble something nonsensical to a creature in range, cursing them to take d4 off all attack rolls for the next minute. That’s a reference to the scripts created for the event, which the actors who had to memorize them have since said were A.I-generated and meaningless.

Another side effect of the action is that the Unknown steals £35 from the target. Wargamer couldn’t possibly comment on what this is in reference to.

If you steer well clear of social media, you may have missed out on all the fun surrounding Willy’s Chocolate Experience, a Roald Dahl-inspired children’s event that took place in Glasgow, Scotland in February 2024. Advertised with colorful and fantastical AI imagery, the reality of the event fell hilariously short of expectations in such a bizarre and dystopian way that it became an instant meme.

Instead of chocolate and joy, guests’ £35 tickets brought them to an almost empty warehouse, with a few meager decorations, and actors in crappy costumes spouting incoherent nonsense.

The most startling addition to the Chocolate Factory ‘Mythos’ was a new villain, the Unknown. Apparently an evil chocolate maker who lives in the walls, this creature added quite a lot to the virality of the experience, as it’s hard to picture anything kids would like less than this creepy character.

But hey, thanks to Anthony Joyce-Rivera’s hard work (more of which can be found here) now you can terrorize your DnD party with him, too!

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