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Hugh Grant claims DnD movie character was “a ladies’ man”

Hugh Grant plays a rakish Rogue in D&D: Honor Among Thieves, and a behind-the-scenes book reveals he thought of him as a major Cassanova.

DnD movie Hugh Grant ladies man - Wizards of the Coast art of Forge Fitzwilliams

In the recently published ‘The Art and Making of Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves’, actor Hugh Grant claims his character “always fancied himself as a ladies’ man”. “He’s managed to open doors through his charm, and insouciance, and fake aristocracy”, Grant says, “and I think part of that was having rather beautiful hair and having dashing costumes.”

Grant plays Forge Fitzwilliam in Honor Among Thieves, who is a DnD Rogue (naturally, one of the more dark, risque DnD classes). While Grant found several opportunities to bring up saucy subjects in cast interviews for the DnD movie, we didn’t spot Forge doing much flirting when we were writing our DnD movie review.

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But Forge can be whatever Grant wants him to be – as the role was specifically written for him. “Hugh Grant was a real get for us,” director Jonathan Goldstein says in Eleni Roussos’ book. “He was exactly who we wrote the part for.” “Hugh was just so perfect and so funny – [he] brought so much of his own charm and rakishness to the thing, it really brought the character to life.”

According to Grant, Forge’s rakishness was largely displayed through his outfits – in particular, a signature neckerchief. “He wears these little cravats that he ties here, and he has them whether he’s an impoverished thief or whether he’s a Lord of Neverwinter”, Grant says. “You can’t take it away from him. It’s like his dummy – his comforter – and it’s his reminder [of] when he was a dashing young man and women fell at his feet.”

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