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DnD creator “truly sorry” for offensive Spelljammer content

DnD publisher Wizards of the Coast apologises for controversial content in Spelljammer, removing the material from digital and future releases

DnD Spelljammer Hadozee apology - Wizards of the Coast art of a spelljamming ship leaving the Rock of Bral

D&D publisher Wizards of the Coast released a statement on Friday, September 2, addressing sudden content changes made to digital versions of the newly released Spelljammer: Adventures in Space. These changes mainly involved removing controversial passages from the backstory of the monkey-like Hadozee race after several parties online pointed out parallels with racist stereotypes.

“We wanted to acknowledge and own the inclusion of offensive material within our recent Spelljammer: Adventures in Space content”, says Wizards of the Coast. “We failed you, our players and our fans, and we are truly sorry.” Wizards adds the Hadozee content, which had been adapted from the original material in 1982’s Spelljammer: Adventure in Space, was not “properly vetted before appearing in our most recent release”. “As we continue to learn and grow through every situation, we recognise that to live our values, we have to do better.”

The controversial Hadozee content has already been removed from digital marketplace D&D Beyond, and Wizards says it’ll also be left out of future Spelljammer reprints. “In addition, we’ve initiated a thorough internal review of the situation and will take the necessary actions as a result of that review”, Wizards adds.

“Throughout the 50-year history of Dungeons and Dragons, some of the characters in the game have been monstrous and evil, using descriptions that are painfully reminiscent of how real-world groups have been and continue to be denigrated”, Wizards says. “We understand the urgency of changing how we work to better ensure a more inclusive game.”

DnD Spelljammer Hadozee apology - Wizards of the Coast art of three Hadozee

“We are eternally grateful for the ongoing dialogue with the D&D community, and we look forward to introducing new, engaging, and inclusive content to D&D for generations to come.” “D&D teaches that diversity is strength, for only a diverse group of adventurers can overcome the many challenges a D&D story presents. In that spirit, we are committed to making D&D as welcome and inclusive as possible. This part of our work will never end.”

You can read more about the removed content in our original coverage of the Spelljammer controversy. The full statement from Wizards of the Coast can also be found on its website.