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Dungeons and Dragons TV channel coming Summer 2023

DnD is getting a 24-hour streaming channel featuring actual play shows by celebrities and content creators, available to watch for free.

Dungeons and Dragons is getting its own TV channel, and it’s coming this summer, to “multiple platforms”. Hasbro-owned Entertainment One (eOne) is launching a free DnD streaming television channel focused on celebrity shows and actual play content.

According to Variety, the (ad-supported) channel will feature third party content from the top DnD influencers, as well as reruns of the Dungeons & Dragons animated series from the 1980s (you might know its characters from their cameo as red shirts in the recent DnD movie). Its main body of content, however, will be improvised, celebrity-led shows, and three have been confirmed so far.

The three DnD shows we know about right now are ‘Encounter Party, ‘Faster, Purple Worm! Kill! Kill!’ and ‘Heroes’ Feast’. Each of them has a very different premise:

The first, Encounter Party, is classic DnD actual play show by the Encounter Party podcast crew. It features a cast of professional actors and voice actors, including Khary Payton (Teen Titans), in a new adventure in the Forgotten Realms DnD setting. Basically, it seems they’re adding visuals to the mix for series two.

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Faster, Purple Worm! Kill! Kill! Is another existing show, coming to the new platform. Co-created by Matthew Lillard, this series features a rotating cast of celebrity guests playing level one characters pitted against impossibly strong monsters. It seems it’s an actual play with even more of an improv comedy bent than normal, and in the past it’s featured Seth Green and Deborah Ann Wolf.

Finally, there’s Heroes Feast, which departs from the actual play genre entirely. It’s a cooking competition and talk show featuring recipes from the official DnD cookbook of the same name.

We don’t have a confirmed release date right now, but we’ll update when one emerges. For now, why not check out our list of all the DnD races in the game? We bet there’s one you’ve never heard of.