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Elden Ring board game has a trailer teasing gorgeous board and minis

Steamforged Games has released a teaser trailer for its upcoming Elden Ring board game, which shows us monsters, minis, maps, and more

Elden Ring board game - a stream of fire shoots from a wizard character towards a giant.

November 15, 2022 We’ve now played this game for real at a limited press preview event – check out the latest Elden Ring board game news now.

Steamforged Games has dropped a teaser trailer ahead of the Kickstarter launch of its Elden Ring board game later this month. It shows off a few more miniatures from the game, as well as its tile-based board featuring the Lands Between. This is a recreation of Elden Ring’s glorious in-game mini map: which seems like a sensible choice, after all, that map is super pretty. Check out the video below.

The Elden Ring board game comes to Kickstarter on November 22, and Steamforged says it’s already their most followed campaign, with 32,000 followers at present. It promises exploration, as players “will traverse a huge and varied open world, visiting iconic locations and crossing paths with familiar enemies and characters.”

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The game includes an “intelligent dice-free combat” system, which its creator Sherwin Matthews says will “replicate the intimacy of combat”. It’s all about picking your stance, and finding the moment to block or dodge, and the right time to go in on the offensive.

There’s no hints of a release date for the game, but we expect to find out on November 22 when the Kickstarter launches. Matthews has said Elden Ring will be just as tricky as players would expect, and it’ll feature minis that are even bigger and better than the Dark Souls board game.