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Europa Universalis 4’s Baltic-boosting DLC is out now

Europa Universalis 4 DLC Lions of the North released on September 13, bringing new options for Finland and other countries round the Baltic Sea

Europa Universalis 4 lions of the north DLC image, showing three early modern chaps with funny hats

Paradox has released a new DLC for its historical grand strategy game Europa Universalis IV. Lions of the North is an ‘immersion pack’ that focuses on the Baltic Sea, providing new options and more variety for Northern countries such as Poland, Lithuania, Denmark and Finland. Released on September 13, Lions of the North is available now, going for $14.99 / £11.39 on Steam.

A Paradox press release describes the pack as a series of “dramatic what ifs”, with unique missions and government options for nations in the region, as well as a couple new units – the Swedish Carolean Infantry, and the Polish-Lithuanian Winged Hussars. New mission trees allow for a free Finland, a united Scandinavia, a powerful Danzig – and you can also become a pirate king as Gotland.

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A trailer released alongside the pack shows off its various additions, which also include six new songs, and 35 new army sprites.

As is its custom, Paradox released an update for the base EU IV game alongside the DLC pack. It says this includes 700 bug fixes, plenty of quality of life updates like new achievements and more competent AI, and bonus content such as a 36-mission tree for Lübeck.

As you also might have predicted, the base game and a lot of EU IV DLC is deeply discounted right now, at 75% off until September 15. You can also download and play it for free for the next three days.