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You can now buy the Frosthaven board game - if you’re quick

For the first time since it was crowdfunded, the much-celebrated Frosthaven board game is available to buy - for a limited time only.

Frosthaven board game on misty blue background

Gloomhaven’s snow-capped sequel Frosthaven is now available to purchase, with limited copies available. If you’re bitterly disappointed about missing the 2020 Kickstarter for this behemoth of a board board game you may want to check out publisher Cephalofair’s webstore, where overstock bundles have been put up on sale.

For $250, you can pick up the base game, one of the chunkiest boxes around, filled with a 138-scenario campaign and seventeen characters to try out. There are also addons like solo scenarios and removable stickers available for an additional fee.

It doesn’t sound like there are loads of copies available, as Cephalofair says Frosthaven will only be purchasable from its store for a limited time. However, this is by no means fans’ last opportunity to get their hands on the dungeon crawler board game, which comes to Backerkit in June to fund a second wave of printing, and will be available at retain some time in 2023.

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