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Win up to $500 in prizes for taking part in gaming research

Survey firm Dialect is seeking gamers to join a diary study and record how gaming fits into their daily lives, with prizes for participants.

A black wireless Logitech G Pro Z 2 headset, presented on a luminous blue background

International games marketing firm Dialect wants to know “how gaming fits into gamers’ daily lives”, and there’s up to $500 in prizes available for gamers who help it to find out. Dialect plans to run a “unique 3-day mobile app diary study”, and simply completing the application questionnaire will put you in the running to win a $250 headset.

Three Logitech G Pro Z 2 headsets are available, and anyone who completes the entry survey on the application website will be entered into a prize draw to win. You must be at least 18 years old to participate.

The survey questions are all focused entirely on digital games, which suggests to us that board game players and Warhammer 40k collectors won’t be eligible to take part in the full study, but perhaps the researchers will want a control group of tabletop purists to compare their other data with? In any event, whether or not you’re selected for the study, you’ll be in the draw for a headset.

A black wireless Logitech G Pro Z 2 headset, presented on a luminous blue background

If you’re selected for the study, you’ll need to spend around one and a half hours across three days within one week recording your “gaming experiences” in a diary on a mobile app. According to the survey information, if you “finish the diary, there’s a reward of your choice waiting for you with a total value of another $250”.

Speaking from experience, it’s easier to win this kind of prize draw than you might think. When I was but a callow youth I won a Nintendo DS XL and later a 3DS by submitting the Letter of the Month to Edge Magazine. I wasn’t a bad writer for a kid, but there just weren’t that many people submitting letters – if you have five minutes to spare to fill in the application questionnaire, you might just get lucky.